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Choosing a TV (television) for your home requires you to spend time researching important details like the resolution, dimensions and accessories that add to your viewing experience. Although there are many brands that offer TVs designed for various preferences, brands like Sony and LG have consistently offered TVs with excellent features that cater to a range of customers. However, regardless of your requirements, it’s likely that you will have to shell out a pretty penny to get home a TV that is equipped with new features and superior design.

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Now that you know how to simplify shopping for a top-of-the-line TV, take a look at how a Sony TV differs from an LG smart TV and make a choice accordingly.

Motion handling

If you’re a gaming enthusiast or consume high volumes of sporting content, having a TV with superior motion handling capabilities is a must. In this regard, consider buying a Sony TV, as most recent models support motion handling, ensuring that the image on your screen is free of any distortion.

Picture quality

Both a Sony TV and LG smart TV will offer you wholesome picture quality. Sony’s 4K OLED HDR TVs and LG’s 4K Cinema HDR TVs lay the foundation for an unparalleled viewing experience, making it easier for you to pick a TV based on your budget.


When you’re looking for good resolution on a budget, consider Sony as its TVs offer quality picture resolution in addition to motion handling. The best part is that even the budget, entry-level models are equipped with a feature that upscales low resolution images, resulting in a better viewing experience.

Sound quality

Sony has built a reputation for itself as being a leader in all things sound. This means that even its mid-range TVs offer good audio output, while pricier models come fitted with technology such as Acoustic Surface Audio+. Here, the OLED display panel is used as a source of sound to take immersive sound output to the next level.

Smart TV features

In current times, a TV is not only used to channel surf, but also to stream content via OTT platforms, connect to social media, and browse the internet. Fortunately, both LG and Sony offer TVs with good smart TV features, however, LG smart TVs have WebOS, which is a notch above Sony’s interface. The former makes navigation seamless, and regardless of whether you pick a mid-range or high-end model, you can enjoy the complete WebOS experience. That said, in recent times Sony’s interface has improved too, becoming more user-friendly and intuitive, especially if you pick one of the high-end models.

Now that you know the strengths of each brand, take a look at top-rated Sony and LG TVs that offer value for money.


Sony A9F OLED TV is a sleek TV that offers features like 4K OLED HDR screen, Pixel Contrast Booster and Picture Processor X1 Ultimate that come together to provide clearer, more life-like quality. With Acoustic Surface Audio, the sound comes from the centre of the screen, filling the entire room, in the process offering a theatre-like experience at home.

This model also comes with in-built Google Assistant for smoother viewing. Through Google Assistant’s interface, you can control your TV with your voice, without using a remote. Besides this, the screen adjusts display brightness as and when the content changes with its Dynamic Backlight Control feature, which in turn helps in saving energy. The model is also loaded with other features that are designed to improve its energy efficiency.

Sony X9500G TV

This model is designed to offer true-to-life picture quality and an equally amazing audio-visual experience. With the X-Motion Clarity feature, the device also ensures that you can view action movies and high-speed games comfortably, as it controls image movement with precision. Moreover, to ensure that the TV doesn’t clash with your home’s décor, it comes with a cable holder that tucks away wires from sight.

With in-built Chromecast you can view YouTube videos from your phone or laptop onto the TV screen, while the Bravia technology works quietly in the background to analyse to audio and compensate for any inaccuracies that may be present. This Sony series also comes with smart features like easy control, Bluetooth connectivity and a Netflix Calibrated Mode, amongst others.


The LG OLED 77C9PTA TV features an a9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor that offers breath-taking sound and picture quality. Moreover, the processor works towards optimising content to improve its clarity and sharpness, while improving sound distribution too. You also get to enjoy cinematic brilliance with the 4K Cinema HDR feature and use the Home Dashboard facility to manage any devices that you have connected to your TV.


This model features the NanoCell technology that offers superior picture quality and excellent colours, as well as wide-angle viewing. Also, the LG 65SM9000PTA is equipped with Dolby Vision and Atmos for cinematic HDR imaging and incredible sound. Not only does this TV come with a Bluetooth based Magic Motion Remote that allows you to operate the TV from any part of the room, but the mobile connection overlay programme allows you to view content from your phone on the screen, while simultaneously viewing a TV programme.

Once you choose a model that suits your requirements, shop for your preferred TV (television) without spending an exorbitant amount through the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. With 60,000+ partners offering models from the best national and international brands, you are sure to have a pleasant shopping experience. To upgrade your viewing experience right away, get finance instantly by checking your pre-approved offer.

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