Best Ways to Defend Yourself

Human history has been a long record of women subjugation. Treatment of women as inferior beings is a common cult now. Though we live in a world of diversity, crimes against women are common to every race, every religion, every country. Incidents of harassment, be it sexual or verbal have always been an inseparable aspect of society. Women Exploitation is so customary and universal that it remains to be generalized in narrow terms like ‘Crime against Women’, ‘Sexual Harassment’, ‘Sexual Assault’ etc. People continued to neglect it till the point #MeToo movement came in.

#MeToo, a very effective social media revolution has enlightened the world with millions of women narrating their experiences of sexual abuses and assaults. This movement led to the scattering of the individual instances out of the whole. It is a phenomenal move which at least highlighted the magnitude of the issue. But the questions remains, has #MeToo managed to curb the issue? Does it ensure that women are safe and no man will ever grope them?

The answer is a straight ‘NO’! And this calls for women to be self-sufficient to defend themselves. Self-defense is one basic necessity for survival now. It is believed that women are physically inferior to men, which is true to some extent but it is also true that self-defense doesn’t need muscular power but tricks. Muscle strength is not entirely the qualifying element for protecting oneself.

Defying the belief of women being incapable of self-defense, here are some necessary tricks and tools that cater in defending yourself:

#1. Stun Guns

A stun gun is an electronic device that releases high-voltage current to stop an attacker and get saved. It is not difficult to understand How a stun gun works, the voltage of a stun gun disrupts the nervous system and causes neurological impulses traveling through the entire body.

It leads to disorientation and loss of balance for some period of time, leaving the potential victim a chance to evacuate herself from the situation. It restricts the attacker from any physical function. The attacker takes time to get to normal. Stun Gun never causes severe injuries because the amperage is low, it only leaves an attacker hassled and confused, making it difficult to function.

#2. Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray is the one of the most famous self-defense product. It is easy to carry and simple to use. It comes in various sizes and forms to make the ownership of it as subtle as possible. You can find Pepper Sprays in the forms lipsticks and deceptive packages of deodorants. In case of an attack, one can simply spray the spray right in the eyes of the attacker, leaving him temporarily blind and disturbed with burning sensations. Pepper Spray is a good option for ladies who do not prefer carrying deadly weapons like Knives or Guns. It is a great tool to escape an unfavorable situation.

#3. Personal Alarm Key-chain

Personal Alarm Key-chain looks like a basic car key with a tiny remote. It’s an awesome way to call for help when you are camping with your family in a campsite full of used motorhomes. It can be easily fitted in one’s pocket and can be used at the times crisis. In case of an attack, the victim can press the button of the alarm and it will start blaring loud. The sound is usually of 130 DB or more, which is sufficient enough to alert the public grabs their attention to elude the situation.

#4. Protective Knife

Protective Knife is a product that prevents an attacker from attacking, but sometimes instead of protecting it may lead to the harm of both sides. If the attack is not strong enough, a knife cannot make the attacker dormant for some time, instead, it might outrage him. An attack too sharp may kill the attacker, which is not necessary. Therefore, an attack of a knife has to be very calculated. A knife may not be the most desirable tool but it does count as one of the significant tools of self-defense.

#5. High-beamed tactical flashlight

Attackers make use of the darkness as an advantage, High-beamed tactical flashlight helps to avoid such situations. This flashlight with high-intensity photons leads to a short-term blindness of the attacker. The striking bright light in the dark disorients the attacker and causes him with no capacity for functioning normally.

#6. Apps and technologies in Smartphones

These days there is no end to the number of applications and technologies, they are so abundant that it is very easy to find some for one’s safety. Many apps have been launched that notify one’s kin in the need of the hour. In some advanced phones, one can press a specific button three times to inform the concerned authorities about the situation. Phones are a very convenient instrument to defend oneself, it immediately calls for help. One cannot carry any other defense tool in hand but smartphones are a blessing in disguise. People usually carry cell phones in their hands. There have been instances where the SOS button has saved lives. The SOS is a really quick trigger. Apart from this, there are apps like bSafe, Circle of 6 or Red Panic Button helping women to ensure their safety.

#7. Female motorcycle helmets

Attackers have no definite direction and way of attacking, they can attack from anywhere. It can happen when you are walking, in your car or on your Bike. While riding a bike, it is next to impossible to reach out to your bag to find your weapon. The situation demands you to pick up the next thing available to you and on a bike; you can have nothing but your awesome motorcycle helmets. Make sure you aim right and manage to escape!

#8. Basic Self-Defense Techniques

This is the most pivotal aspect of self-defense. An attack is always uncalled, it’s an uncertain event and it is impossible to always be ready for it with all the necessary tools. It is important to train yourself to tackle situations of attack. You don’t need to have strong by strength but strong in will. One can easily learn these self-defense techniques online, or there are a lot of classes and workshops that are conducted in various localities. Self-defense focuses on swift moves and analytical ability to judge the requirement of the situation. It is a basic survival strategy which deserves to be learned by every woman.

Tools help in protection, but the basic self-defense techniques promote self-sufficiency and empowerment!

Read the list thoroughly and choose the option you consider to be the most feasible. These Self-defense tools are handy and can be easily carried in a handbag. Your part of the task while using these tools is the ‘Appropriate Application’. No matter how expensive or effective tool you carry, its utility ultimately depends on the use. As soon as you get a perfect tool for yourself, get perfect in its utilization. Also, a tool does not make the art of self-defense any less important. Attention must be given to both, tools and techniques, in equal proportions.

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