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Basic Blogging Tips

Are you a beginner to blogging? WebZando is a professional website designer that provides you with the essential tips and techniques on how to become an expert blogger. Below are some tips that you would find very useful.

  • Choosing the right blogging platform- There are many blogging platforms in the market today such as WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, Tumblr, etc. With all these platforms in the market today, it’s quite difficult to choose the right one that suits your blogging needs. Well, while choosing a blogging platform, make sure you have the freedom of posting the topic of your choice, a platform that has different themes and layouts to choose from which allows you to customize your own blog accordingly and also a platform where you can monetize your blog and get paid for high traffic.
  • The content of your blog – Once you have chosen the right platform for your blog, the next step is choosing the right content. First, your content needs to be unique. Make sure you are not a copycat. Also, make sure your content is fluently written in whichever language you choose to publish in. Lastly, verify that the content is inviting, appealing and engages all the readers.
  • Traffic – Part of the reasons why most people start blogging is to get traffic and get paid for high traffic records. As mentioned above, once you start blogging, make sure the content is appealing and engages the readers. Traffic will start flowing to your blog immediately. Ensure that you have signed up for Adsense account or any other monetizing accounts for your blog to make sure you get paid. If possible, share your blog to social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter to maximize the number of readers to your blog.

Web design Tips

The most important aspect of every web design or developer is content update and traffic maximization. WebZando, a premier and professional web design company has worked with millions of website owners to come up with some of the most interesting websites we see today. Below are some of the website design basics.

  • Domain name – Choose a domain name that speaks out exactly what your website is all about. Also, make sure the domain name is not very complicated.
  • Reduce the size of the website – Large websites often load very slowly prompting users to stop viewing the website altogether. Make sure your website is small but very informative.
  • Website appearance – By working with a professional web design firm, you can guarantee that your website will be very attractive and appealing to all the users. Make sure the colors, the fonts, the themes, the layouts and every other bit of the website is clearly customized to your content and attractive to the customers.
  • Content – Just like blogging, the content should be exceptional and informative. Avoid copied content and deal with only unique content for y0ur website.

Creative Web Arts

Creative Web Arts are basically what web designers do to make sure the websites created are attractive and appealing to the visitors. This involves choosing the right theme, layouts, colors, font, content, etc.

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