Blue Light: The Silent Irritant

The rise of accessible digital technology ensues to an era of productivity and an increase in entertainment options. Reading books, studying, and communicating with your loved ones is just one click way due to the affordability and portability of these mobile devices. Because of these two, we often tend to bring them with us and place them near our body.

Research suggests that long exposure to light waves that these gadgets radiate cause visual fatigue and near-sightedness.

What is a Blue Light and How Often Do We Encounter It?

It is probably your first time to encounter the term ‘blue light.’ Blue light is kind of wavelength that is predominant across digital devices such as smartphones, laptops, and television screens. This is also classified as an ultraviolet light due to its short wavelength and high energy.

Too much exposure to UV, in this case, to mobile devices and television, can cause sunburned eyes or snow blindness.  Our eyes are weak at blocking blue light; thus, they are prone to the risk of macular degeneration.

This light is most dominant at night because the sun is no longer up to mitigate the overwhelming amount of blue light. Coincidentally, it is also during night time when we use our phones the most. Because of the rampant use of mobile devices, exposure to blue light is unavoidable. Thanks to Blue Light Blocking technology, you can now simultaneously avoid dangerous exposure while also being able to live through day-to-day matters.

Is There a Way I Can Save Myself from the Effects of Blue Light?

The best of Blue Light Blocking technology comes from Fifth & Ninth. It offers an innovative and practical product that comes in the form of Blue Light Block Glasses with attractive designs.

You can choose from a sleek and basic Palo Alto type of glasses or a hipster-like Boston glasses. If you like to keep up with the latest fashion trend, you can choose their Cupertino glasses. Protection from harmful blue radiation has never looked this good.

There are three primary benefits or features that make Blue Light Blocking Glasses necessary.

First, it works to prevent eye strain which, if left unchecked, can progress the loss of vision.

Second, it prevents sleep deprivation. Have you ever wondered why you can’t seem to sleep while you are browsing Facebook at noon? That is because blue light enhances attention, reaction times, and mood.

Lastly, it can reduce the risk of the headache that may cost you a load of opportunity costs and failed exams. You read that right; blue light has been known to trigger migraines.

How Accessible are Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Blue Light Blocking Glasses are also affordable at its $30 retail price. That is not steep if you compare this to having to go through the more permanent consequences of overexposure to blue light. In the long run, you’d rather not maintain a progressively escalating eye grade.

The light wave of a gadget should never be a cause for you to be unproductive or experience irritating side-effects just because you’re working or enjoying surfing the internet.

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