Blueprint to Success: Search Engine Optimization

Did you ever wonder the best way to make consistent profits as a Website Owner?

You definitely aren’t alone. Without a doubt, the easiest way to profit in the online industry is to attract enough niche target traffic in order to arrive at your monthly income goal. We all know that it is the ultimate opportunity to writing your own bottom line of pure profit. The real solution is out there. The blueprint for success in this online business is a perfectly optimized site. The best way to turn your frustration around is to discover what works. Not that SEO is ever changing but the link building strategies remain and are continuously making every single site not only sing and dance but consistently produce conversions.

There is a better way to build your online business than what you’re doing now.

That is unless you already have The SEO mantra explaining everything you need to do and why. If you already earn $1000 a day from your site, without fail, then you probably don’t need an SEO marketing program. Of course, you might just be the guy whose site is always occupying the 3 top spots on Google for his keywords. You know the guy who lives wherever he wants and only works 10-15 hours a week.

Where to start your SEO?

The best way to start with optimizing your site is to first integrate a tracking system to check the result of your SEO efforts. This is given by none other than Google. Google Search Console is a free tool that lets the webmaster perform basic as well as complex checklist procedures like whether each page is indexed or not, sitemap errors and Google penalty.  It is one such tool that lets you have a sneak peek into your site’s performance in search results.

Submit your site to Search engines – Google Search Console is the first place to submit your site to Google. Yahoo uses Bing search engine, so you need to submit your site to Bing Webmaster Tool for Bing and Yahoo,

List your site in local directories and listings – From Google places to Yelp and Hotfrog, the business listing is the first place where the bots detect your online presence. If you have site targeting a local area, it is vital to integrate Google Maps to your site and register in sites like FourSquare.

Webmaster Forums – Another significant and quick way to gain Google recognition is to post your site in webmaster forums where they not only review your site and give feedback about the theme, layout but they also give good DA (Domain Authority) backlinks for your site.

Content Marketing Strategy – Contextual links and rich snippets shared are important for Google. Content is not limited to written materials alone but videos, podcasts, infographics etc that reflect the values of your website. It is very important to work with a strategy instead of posting any industry related content anywhere. What good it is, if your content does not reach your target audience or will it serve the purpose if it is only promotional and does not give answers pertaining to the industry. Content is a vital tool to establish your brand image, establishing your site as a value-based cornerstone of the industry in your location. Content marketing should be done on a regular basis, for the best outcome.

Competitors’ Analysis – This is sneaking into your competitors’ sites for keywords and backlinks. This is the easiest way to initiate your link building campaign.

Social Media Sites -Having a social presence is the “DO or DIE” situation for online business. There are no second thoughts about the power of social media sites. You can get maximum “word of mouth” marketing from these social sites. They can leverage your marketing campaign, build your brand and bring conversion.

Interestingly, website security is the part and parcel of your online business for website owners. Hackers and spammers are scourging the net, looking for sites with security issues and malicious codes in their algorithms. You need to start monitoring your site and take regular backups with WordPress maintenance service that provides monthly coverage for bug fixing and 24*7 security checks.

The difference between where you are right now and where you want that money flow to be is a gap. You need a bridge and a helping hand to cross the great cyber divide.

John Morris
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