Bowflex Max Trainer M5 – The Best Calorie killer Machine

On an average day, you are working in your office. Suddenly a man walks into the room and in a second gets everyone’s attention. He is neither a celebrity nor wearing a “Thousand Dollar” suit. He gets all this attention because of his great physic. He’s got a lean muscular body. Have you ever wished to be that guy? Have you ever wanted to be the most attractive man in the group? Please don’t tell me that you don’t that wish. Because you know that would be a lie. Then let me ask you a question, what is stopping you getting your goal?

Before I tell you how to get a lean body, let me help you understand a very basic formula:

Calorie in – Calorie out

It’s all about calories. Your body gets calorie from the food you eat and burns calorie when you work out. Now, if you want to lose your weight you have to achieve the calorie deficit. Simply means, you have to burn more calories than you take. You have to set the goal that you will achieve calorie deficit every day. Gradually you will burn out all the extra calorie stored in your body and will a get a lean desirable body.

Common methods of burning calories

There some basic methods that you can use to burn calories;

  • Walking is a method to burn calories. Every morning you should walk for 40 minutes with empty stomachs. When your body needs energy it collects energy by digesting food. If your body doesn’t get enough food, then it burns body fat to get energy. In the morning your body doesn’t have any food to digest. So, it burns stored fat in your body to give you the energy to keep walking.
  • Avoid the lift and take the stairs. Every day an average working person needs to change floors 6-7 times. If you take the stair, you will burn more fat while you are working.
  • Go to a shopping mall or take your dog out for a walk. Whether you are in a mall or outside, you are burning your calories. This is a great way to enjoy natural views and burn calories at the same time.
  • Involve in outdoor activities more and more. If you are a sportsman, involve in your favorite sport. Go to swimming, hiking, hunting etc. All these sport helps you burn your calories. While you are plying you are burning calories without you realizing it.

All these techniques are really good but there’s a drawback to these techniques. These are all very time-consuming and very slow to make an effect.

Introduction of Bowflex Max Trainer M5

To make your life easier and help you burn calories faster, Bowflex has brought Bowflex Max Trainer M5. This machine’s sole purpose is to burn is your calories in a very short period of time. From beginners to professional trainers, everyone can use the machine efficiently. I am sure you’ve heard about elliptical trainer and treadmills. Bowflex took the best features of those machines and put those in a single machine called Bowflex Max Trainer M5. Max trainer M5 engage with the total body of its user. It also lets them move speed just like on a treadmill. Both these features burn calories much faster than any other machine. It’s astonishing that users get to see amazing results in a few weeks. All they need to do is to spend 14-minute intense workout session everyday day with Bowflex Max Trainer M5.

Bowflex Max Power M5 is really well designed and well build. It can take up to 300lb weight and perform perfectly. Also, it is very compact in size. So you can put it in your room very easily and make your own gym.

Let’s find out how Bowflex Max Trainer M5 going to burn calories

We all know stair stepping is hard but it helps burning calorie faster. Simply to say you get a stair stepping machine on an elliptical trainer by buying Bowflex M5. It lets you stepping stair very easily because it’s on an elliptical trainer. There is a handlebar attached to this machine. You can grab the upper section or the middle section or the lower section. This handlebar engages your upper body while you use Bowflex M5. The shoulder muscle, chest muscle, biceps, triceps all these muscles get engaged by the handlebar. Additionally, your abdominals got engaged too. There are not a lot of companies out there that gives all these functionalities with just one machine.

Bowflex Max Trainer M5 comes with a preset program. There is a nice backlit display on the front. Before you start your exercise you need to give information about yourself like age, height, weight. Once you give all those metrics the computer is going to set a target for you. All you need to do is to follow the instruction that comes up on the display. Bowflex Max Trainer M5 can also monitor your heart rate. It will give you the target according to your heart rate and will help you to maintain a specific heart rate where you burn your fat.

If you don’t want to use the preset program you can set your own program. Bowflex Max Trainer lets you customize time and target level. Also, Bowflex M5 has 16 resistance level. That means you have a lot of options to choose from. If you want to work harder rise the level up and vice versa. Bowflex has made free Max Trainer app for both Android and iPhone users. You can sync your Bowflex M5 with that app to store workout results.

Let’s count how many calories will be burned by Bowflex M5

Some users get really excited when they start doing exercise. But you have to remind that instant changes are not good for your health. You have to give your body enough time to cope with the changes you make by doing exercise. Burning thousands of calories in a single day is not an ideal thing to do. Instead of doing well, you might hurt your body. Doctors suggest that burning 500-600 calories every day is good practice for losing weight. You can burn around 600 calories by working 30 minutes workout with Bowflex Max Power M5.

Bowflex is one of the best companies in the fitness world. Their expert designed this machine to achieve multiple goals at a time. Bowflex M5 doesn’t offer an easy workout but a scientific workout plan. You can certainly follow these plans to achieve your goal.

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