Business Broadband Or Home Broadband: Which one to get?

If you’re looking for a broadband connection and cannot get to decide whether you should get yourself a residential internet package or a business level-one, then you need to look into the factors we are going to discuss in this article.

Customer support service

It is the most prominent difference between business and residential broadband. Obviously, the internet being the most important factor of businesses, a business broadband user certainly gets priority over customer support in case of any technical issue. Most of the internet service providers guarantee to fix the reported business broadband issue within 24 hours. For higher tier business packages this time limit is even less i.e 4-5 hours.

Internet service providers also do provide specific tech support contact for the enterprise-level broadband packages. In case of any connection or other issues, the user can directly report it using that particular contact.

If instant customer support is a priority for you, then small business broadband packages are worth considering.


While getting ourselves an internet connection, I guess speed is the very first thing we notice. To be honest business broadband packages are coupled with generally faster speeds as compared to the residential broadband packages. Business packages contain better uploading speeds which make the online posting, updating and video conferencing a whole lot uninterruptable.

As a business internet customer, ISPs not only prioritize you for customer support but also for the speeds. The contention ratio doesn’t have much effect on the speed and connection reliability of business packages. ISP’s are also facilitating businesses with leased lines. Leased lines are basically the dedicated internet lines delivering broadband service to a specific area and nowhere else. These lines deliver speeds up to 1GB and even beyond.

Secure connection

Growing interconnectivity has raised great security concerns. Security has become an important factor for both residential and business internet users. Almost every Internet service provider is going the extra mile to ensure the security and safety of data.

Almost every business broadband package is coupled with business-focused security software to make sure safe and secure internet data transmission. Providers also offer extra services like data back up and VPN services to ensure security.

Static IP Address

Static IP is not as necessary for residential users, but it is quite important for businesses. A static IP can only be obtained by availing a business package. Why the static IP address is vital for businesses. Well, in this era of remote working one can only access its computer remotely, host any server or run a website through a stable IP address.


SLA is generally known as the Service Level Agreement. Most of the businesses get this agreement done with Internet service providers in order to get a certain standard of service. This agreement involves a certain level of speed, minimum internet outage, and a specific time limit to fix the technical issues. Businesses are offered compensation if the agreement terms do not adhere.

Phone service

Residential broadband packages come with standard phone service. They pretty much include different calling features like voice mail, three-way calling, and unlimited nationwide calling, etc. But business broadband and phone services are whole lot multifaceted. Definitely, a business phoning service is complex than that of the residential and require extra lines, VoIP and non-geographical numbers, etc.

I hope the above discussion has introduced you with the major residential and broadband internet differences. Now you need to evaluate your needs before getting yourself an internet connection. I have tried several internet connections but Spectrum internet completely won me over. Check from a wide range of Spectrum internet plans to find yourself a suitable residential or business internet.

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