Does CDN Helps to Improve Website Optimization?

Globally, the Internet penetration has increased tremendously. There are over 3 billion internet users surfing the internet from all over the world, accessing a website in a swift and timely fashion is inevitable. However, millions of websites are present, and many of them don’t show up on the internet just because they are not fully optimized. You might have come across the term ‘website optimization’ and people who are raving about optimized website experience. Have you ever thought that what is this fuzz about website optimization?

Basically, website optimization is required to offer a seamless experience for the internet users. A website’s loading time is dependent upon many factors such as image optimization, the static content of a site, for instance, images, CSS, JavaScript files, etc. In addition to this, at times the hosting is down that contributes further to the inconvenience of the users as well as the Big G doesn’t like websites that get frequently down.

For all the digital marketers, online businesses and digital entrepreneurs it is important to provide a consistent and fast services to their visitors so they could enjoy surfing the website without any delay. Any delay or downtime on your website can result in a lost customer or lead. Frequent down times on the website can further aggravate the situation and may lead to consistent losses for the companies.

In order to deal with such deadly issues, it is important to realize the significance of integrating a content delivery network as it enhances website speed and loading time, providing an uninterrupted online experience. If you are still confused about CDN, then let us delve into the topic for an insightful learning.

What precisely a CDN is?

A CDN also known as content delivery network signifies a distributed server system that has the ability to increase speed, improves security and also helps to provide cached content for a fast online experience. The content is basically stored on different servers located at top locations all around the world. The cached content is served from the nearest server thus providing a fast experience.

Avoid Zero Downtime on Website

CDN must be configured on websites that have massive traffic volume. Particularly for those websites that serve the local as well as the global audience. Websites that have a high to moderate traffic should look for cheap CDN services as they are the best solution to ensure zero downtime and to cater excessive traffic.

Save your Bandwidth

If you have excessive images on your websites, then it can consume more bandwidth if you do not install CDN services. A content delivery system will help you to reduce your server load which will ultimately save your bandwidth. Your website speed can also boost by twice.
Protect your website from Competitor’s attack

Increase website security

Few CDN companies place an additional layer of website security. This protective layer helps to counter the competitor’s attacks and hacking attempts on your website. So it is essential for your website protection. CDN will also send filtered traffic to your website as it helps to filter spam and bot’s visits.

Reduce your Page Loading Time

A steadfast CDN service can offer you the finest solution for your website needs. It reduces the loading time of your website and also provides zero downtime by serving the cached content stored at (POPs) or regional servers. According to research, web sites that use CDN have shown better results once they are shifted to CDN.

Why should you install CDN?

The Internet is a growing digital medium, and if you are serious about your online presence and business, then you should shift and configure CDN right away. It acts as a global content delivery and sends traffic that is 100% real. Instead of installing various plugins and loading your website with crap, it is better to install all in one package in the form of CDN so that the visitors can enjoy an uninterrupted and fast online experience.

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