Checking a Doctor’s Reputation – What you Need to Look For

It is more that common to check customer reviews before buying a product for a store or purchasing a local service. Unfortunately, many people do not do the same for their health. When it comes to our health, why are we not going through the same process to make sure that the person treating us is ethical and practical? Trusting doctors with our health is seemingly more important than purchasing a local cleaning service or a new gadget for the kitchen.

How can you know how reputable a doctor actually is? Will they have bedside manners with your children? Will they take the time to properly analyze your health or is their turnover so high that their patients are often misdiagnosed and not cared for? Here are three easy steps that you can take to ensure that your next doctor is the right one for you and your family:

#1. Do they have a license?

Although doctors may say that they have a license, more often than not we hear about unlicensed doctors delivering medical services. As we all know, practicing medicine at the doctorate level requires doctors to go through over twelve years of training, extensive background checks, and be a part of multiple medicine practicing associations. Therefore, it is easy to check a medical license. There are many places that you have check such as the board that grants licenses, your country’s medical association or the institution they work under.

#2. Do they have any disciplinary actions against them?

With a simple Google search, it is often immediate when disciplinary actions come up about your doctor. Looking up your doctor in Google is one of the best ways to check if there were any big scandals they were associated to that you might have not heard about. Sometimes, they are hidden or not big enough for news outlets to pick up though. Therefore, you can dig deeper by refining your search or rely of tip number one. If a doctor is still licensed to practice, it means that if they ever did malpractices, it was not bad enough for their license to be revoked.

#3. Do they have any bad reviews?

Bad reviews are the last but not trustworthy way for you, a consumer, to tell if a licensed practitioner does his job well. About 72% of people will change their minds once they witness a bad review making it one of the most trustworthy forms of marketing. Although reviews are consumer-based marketing, they are very telling.

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