Choose Yourself A Best Way to Quit Smoking

Are you sick of the smell that cigarettes leave on your clothes and hair? Are you tired of losing your time on smoke breaks? Do you want to stop spending so much money on cigarettes? In other words – are you ready to finally quit smoking? If your answer is ‘yes’ – congratulations! You’ve already made a big step – once you make the decision to stop smoking you are halfway to success.

Unfortunately, there is another half – and it may be the difficult one. But don’t get discouraged, it is possible to quit, there is a way. Actually – even more than one. There are many methods that could heal you from addiction to nicotine and none of them is better than others – it depends on your character and the circumstances you are in, which one would work for you. Choose whatever you think suits you best.

Ways to Quit Smoking

#1. Aversive Treatment

The first method to quit smoking belongs to behavioral therapies so it can be used in treating many mental health disorders. In a few words, if you want to use aversive treatment, you have to develop negative associations with smoking. You can do it by, for example, smoking a whole pack of cigarettes at once (and suffering afterward so that you wouldn’t want to smoke ever again) or punishing yourself every time you smoke. This seems a bit harsh and doesn’t actually cure the will to smoke itself, only develops negative emotions in connection with cigarettes, but in some cases, this method could work fine.

#2. Positive Reinforcement

Unlike the aversive treatment, the positive reinforcement method is focused on rewarding instead of punishing. In other words, an idea to motivate yourself to quit smoking is to think of rewards you will give yourself after a day, a week or a month without a cigarette. It can be buying yourself a nice item (you can use a piggy-bank to collect the money you don’t spend on smoking anymore) or maybe treating yourself to a fancy dinner. You’ll know best, what reward will satisfy you most.

#3. Nicotine Replacement Therapy

This method uses products like chewing gums, mints or skin patches that contain nicotine so that your body wouldn’t feel the nicotine craving after you quit smoking. Usually, you buy a set of those with different doses of nicotine so that you can limit the amount of it in your body gradually. You can find those products in drugstores or go to the doctor and ask for a prescription. This method could help smokers that have been addicted for a long time and used to smoke a lot.

#4. Switch to Vaping

Similar to the chewing gums that contain nicotine, e-cigarettes could be the solution for you. By switching to vaping you don’t have to immediately get rid of the habit of smoking so it can feel easier. Either directly or after a while, you can choose for nicotine-free type, so that you will get rid of the physical addiction. This kind of smoking is also beneficial for your budget, as you can find many cheap vaping deals online.

#5. Quitting Overnight

Some people need rapid change. When they decide to quit smoking, they want to wake up the next day as a different person. If you feel that it could be something for you, you can make it easier by getting rid of everything that reminds you of cigarettes. Try to throw away the things you used as a smoker (lighters, ashtrays etc.). Wash your clothes and clean your house to remove the smell. This method could be tricky, because there are some things more difficult to change, like your workplace or colleagues, favorite pubs or your own habits. But if it helps you to change from one day to another – go for it!

#6. Little by Little

If you don’t think that becoming a non-smoker overnight is possible in your case, you can also try to limit the number of cigarettes little by little. That means, for example, smoking one cigarette less every day or smoking only on weekends. But remember that it cannot be an end in itself – smoking every weekend is also an addiction! Eventually, your goal is to quit completely, right? But some people find it more convenient to take it easy and do a step at a time.

It’s up to you which way you will choose. Don’t be afraid to try! If one of them doesn’t work, don’t get upset, try another one. It’s not that one is better than another, they are just different and they work differently with different people in different circumstances. All in all more important than the way of quitting is your motivation and strong decision. If you’ve already made it, don’t worry – eventually, you will find your way and be able to finally free yourself.

Muhammad Irfan
Muhammad Irfan
Irfan Bajwa is an emerging business enthusiast and passionate blogger and writer on a versatile level.


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