Common Tell-Tale Signs You’re in Need of a Plumber

If you have a plumbing issue in your home, it is best to seek out a professional to fix the situation, rather than attempting to do something you aren’t qualified for. At the first sight of an issue, it’s best to call in some help before the problem gets worse. Here are some of the common tell-tale signs that you’re in need of a plumber.


Minor leaks from a tap can be fixed by the homeowner by simply tightening the tap or by swapping out the gasket and washer. There are many online videos that can show you how to fix this issue if you aren’t sure. You will require a number of tools to do so; if you don’t have them, visit your local hardware store and speak to an assistant who will be happy to show you what equipment you will need. If this does not fix the problem, then it’s best to seek professional help. If you have a leak elsewhere such as your toilet or showerhead, get someone out sooner rather than later as the leak could turn into something worse and a lot of water will be wasted if you continue to ignore the leak.

Change in Water Pressure

If your water pressure suddenly drops there may well be an issue with your system. Common causes for a drop in water pressure include a blocked flow or a leak in a pipe. It can be very difficult to find the cause of this issue so unless you know what you’re doing, leave it to the experts. If your water pressure is constantly low, it may be worth investing in a water pressure booster. You can choose to do this yourself or a plumber can install one for you. For more information on increasing water pressure within your home, check out this handy article.

Rust in the Water

If you notice rust in your water, this may be due to a faulty water heater that needs replacing or faulty pipes. Rust in your water may also be a safety issue, so it’s best to avoid consuming any of the water until the issue has been fixed. A small amount of rust may just be due to iron pipes but if you notice a lot more than usual or notice that your water smells or is discolored, call a plumber.

Bad Odors

If you can smell your sewage system, chances are there is something wrong with your plumbing. Not only does this cause unsightly smells, but it could also cause a backup onto your property. A bad odor usually indicates an issue within the actual sewer line, and this may be affecting other houses too. If you need a local plumber you can do a quick search online for “plumbing companies near me”.

Burst Pipe

One of the main causes of a burst pipe is a temperature change that causes water in pipes to freeze. Burst pipes occur mostly in winter as water becomes frozen and expands, bursting the surrounding pipe. A cracked pipe alone can cause a lot of water damage in the home. Calling a plumber to locate the leak means less chance of racking up large bills due to water damage in and around your home.

Clogged Pipe

There are many ways to prevent clogged pipes, including the use of shower drain hair catchers to stop a build-up of hair from clogging your pipes. Whilst using a chemical cleaner may work temporarily, it may not get to the root of the problem. These should be avoided where possible as sometimes the agents used within these products could cause more damage to your system than good. If you cannot use a plunger or sewer snake, call a plumber who can safely clean your clogged pipes. Fixing clogged pipes early on will also stop pipes from bursting due to pressure increases.

Unexplained Puddles in The Yard

If there has been no rain and you notice wet patches over your yard be sure not to ignore this tell-tale sign. This could be an indication of a plumbing issue that needs immediate attention. The first thing to check if you notice wet patches in your yard is the irrigation system. If this isn’t leaking, then it may be a sewer line issue. Letting someone know as soon as possible means the problem can be fixed before your yard gets ruined.

Never ignore any of these tell-tale signs otherwise your problem could become much worse and end up costing even more to repair. If you’re unsure on how to fix an issue, leave it to a professional.

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