Common Uses for Hot Rolled Coils

Why do we need hot rolled coils?  You know they are used during the construction of any buildings and structures.  Rolled steel is involved in the manufacture of reinforced concrete elements, pouring monolithic foundations, making walls, floor slabs, fixing prefabricated elements to each other.  Metal canopies, roof trusses and frames, pillars, beams, channels and complex spatial structures – the construction of any building or structure necessarily involves the use of metal plates.

As you may know, a hot rolled steel coil is an essential material in the construction industry, architecture, automotive, machine tool building, decoration, etc.  It is used not only as an intermediate raw material, but also as an independent building material. Hot rolled coil production is based on hot rolling.  Its raw material is a hot-rolled sheet that has passed the pre-etching line for descaling.  Hot-rolled steel rolls are produced in the thickness of 0.3-3.5 mm, the usual weight of the roll is 6-10 tons, the standard width is 1250 mm.

How are hot rolled coils made?

The manufacture of hot rolled coils involves the use of steel of two different types – ordinary general purpose and high-quality carbon.  Accordingly, we can talk about low-alloyed and high-alloyed steels. The production of this material is carried out on sheet rolling mills using hot rolling with further winding into a roll, in compliance with all state standards. An important, and maybe the main, characteristic of a hot rolled steel roll is rolling accuracy, which is divided into two categories: enhanced, and normal.

 Common Uses for Hot Rolled Coils

Steel roll with a thickness of 4-8 mm can be used for the manufacture of reinforcement, intended for the strengthening of concrete structures and products.  The material with a thickness of 2-4 mm is used for the production of hot-rolled  products, which are good for making I-beams, corners, which are an auxiliary material in the manufacture of corrugated boarding, metal siding, walls and roof panels.  Whatever the purpose of your construction is, you are to decide what kind of hot rolled coils you precisely need.

 Cold-rolled coils are widely used in various industries:

– construction (installation of roofing, ventilation systems, all kinds of fences, decking, interior decoration, etc.),

– automotive (for strengthening the body of the vehicle and general constructs involved in automobile remastering),

– production of household appliances (production of cases for refrigerators, gas stoves, washing machines, etc.).

Different rolled coils have a different scope of application. For example, cold rolled coil is used for the manufacture of profiles, stamping metal products, etc.

Hot-rolled coil is mainly used for the manufacture of rolled steel and the manufacture of curved profiles.  It is worth noting that a hot rolled coil is rarely found on the metal rolling market.  This is because the manufacturers try not to create competitors for their own pipes, because even with a small production area, you can roll out the coils (from steel strip) and weld the profile pipes.  Hot rolled steel is a softer steel than cold rolled steel.

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