6 Essential Computer Skills You Need to Learn to Survive in the Modern Corporate World

Whether you’re looking to get a new job, advance your career or just remain in your current position, there are several essential computer skills that you need for today’s corporate world. Be sure to work on these six skills to help with your corporate career.

#1. Proficient Typing Speed

You are likely doing a significant amount of work on your computer. This can include writing reports, composing emails and creating memos. You should have a typing speed of at least 40 words per minute, but faster is better. Typing slower than this means that it takes longer to finish your work, which drastically reduces your productivity.

#2. Office Suite

Like it or not, Microsoft Office Suite is used in almost every workplace and you are expected to fluently know some or all of the programs. Word is the most common as this is used for writing and formatting a variety of documents, but you should also know PowerPoint for presentations and Excel for spreadsheets.

According to some estimates, Office Suite is used in over 80 percent of enterprises. This makes it one of the most common software suites currently in use, so be sure to master these programs.

#3. Social Media

This isn’t referring to your personal social media accounts, but rather knowing how to use social media in general. Social media is used as a marketing vehicle for many businesses and consumers expect businesses to be easily accessible on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other outlets. Knowing how to use social media makes you a more versatile employee.

This combines multiple skills like effective writing, ability to research and use keywords, graphic design and properly bringing up products and services to push sales.

#4. Enterprise Systems

Enterprise systems are complex applications made to take in a massive amount of data and apply it to supply chain resources, relating to customers or managing employees. There are several different enterprise systems in use, so it’s best to find which one is used by your employer and then master it. IT training for beginners and experienced students can help you learn programs just like this one.

#5. Graphic Design

Having a working knowledge of graphic design programs, like Photoshop or InDesign, allows you to work on a variety of projects and makes you more useful as an employee. While most corporate companies will have a marketing department that does the majority of design work, this can help you create internal documents or images for social media.

#6. Advanced Email Functionality

Almost everyone knows how to use email, but few people know more than the simple commands of composing messages or replying to emails. Many email programs have advanced functionality for creating mailing lists, allowing HTML designs and much more. Knowing the advanced aspects of email software can set you apart from other employees.


These six computer skills are used in every corporate job and can help advance your career or help you get ahead in terms of applying for a new job. Be sure to gain at least working knowledge of these six skills, along with mastering any software that your employer uses, to help you survive in the corporate world.

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