Coordinate, Monitor and Manage Your Fleet

When you run a business with a fleet of business vehicles, it is essential to get your fleet management and logistics under control. By knowing key factors such as optimum delivery schedules and driver location, it means you can run your business as efficiently as possible.

It used to be incredibly difficult to manage complex fleets, especially where multiple geographic locations, journeys and vehicles were involved; today’s technological solutions make it far easier. Fleet tracking options mean that you have a number of features available to you as a business owner.

Driver location

Modern fleet management and logistics software solutions offer the ability to know where your drivers are at any time, thanks to GPS tracking and location monitoring. This is essential for logistics managers who are attempting to keep an eye on the entire operation; from scheduling last-minute changes to routes at times when they might not be able to speak to their driver.

Knowing the location of your drivers can be incredibly helpful when dealing with customer enquiries and managing customer expectations.

Delivery scheduling

It’s one thing coordinating a single van travelling from A to B, but when you have a range of vehicles in operation and customers across a broad geography wanting immediate delivery services, fleet optimisation becomes key. The ideal scenario is for every delivery vehicle to be fully utilised at different stages of its journey. This could mean incorporating several collections and drop-offs during a single A-B journey, rather than heading back and forward on several repeat journeys. Today’s fleet tracking software solutions allow you to do this automatically, using advanced algorithms that work out where journeys should be taken for optimum efficiency.


Fleet tracking solutions for small businesses can help to improve security and protection for your fleet. When combined, for example, with dashboard cameras, both your fleet and your drivers are better protected when on the road. GPS helps you to locate your drivers if there are any problems in finding a delivery destination. If any of your delivery vans get into trouble, you can locate them in an instant. If vans are broken into or vandalised, your small business fleet management data can store vital information to assist with a claim and crime number.

Data analytics

Fleet management software also allows you to gather rich data about the performance of your fleet. This allows you to see whether there are further efficiencies to be made by changing certain elements of your logistics. For example, more efficient route planning requires less fuel, which saves on business variable costs and the wear and tear of your fleet vehicles. Optimum route planning also allows you to get to customers faster, improving your reputation and helping to garner loyalty.


In the old days of delivery sheets, driver rotas and hard-copy schedules, logistics management could be extremely difficult to coordinate, especially when different managers were involved. Today’s scheduling software allows real-time viewing of routes, journeys, drivers and fleet at the touch of a button. This means that traceability of business operations is made simple, journeys can be evidenced and managers can be given updates on progress whenever they need to.

Cost-effective and flexible

Many fleet management software systems are also incredibly cost-effective, as they are hosted in the cloud and available as off-the-shelf packages. This means that small businesses can afford to invest in advanced logistics solutions to run better, more cost-efficient and more compliant businesses without a heavy cost investment.

Last but not least, fleet tracking systems often have features that can be switched on and off easily, meaning that you can enjoy the benefit of a solution that feels customised, without the heavy cost burden. You’ll also find that it is extremely quick and easy to implement the software into your business, integrating it with other systems where necessary.

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