Courier Service Versus US Mail: Which One is Better?

U.S. Mail is a well-known postal service offered by postal offices all over the country. U.S. Mail is provided by the U.S. federal government through an independent agency under the executive branch. These services are normally cheaper compared to privately-owned courier services. There have been debates on which type of service is better. The pros and cons are listed below which will help you choose the service that suits your preferences.

Courier services like Veterans Courier Group are managed by private businesses while regular mail is usually sent via public postal services. Courier services transport things like packages, letters, and even bulky items such as stock pallets and many more. In the early days, regular mail are mostly used by the people for receiving and sending letters and packages.

Regular Mail Vs Courier Service

Regular mail is most suitable for sending letters. Sending packages can be a cumbersome process due to the tedious queuing processes and longer time spent in the office for various formalities before the actual package delivery. On the other hand, it is easier to send packages through courier services because the process is often smooth because of short queues and faster transactions. All you need to do is make a call and the courier personnel will come to your house to collect your package.

Delivery Time

The shipping time of U.S Mail is longer than the transport time of courier services. When it comes to trackability, couriers can monitor packages in real-time during transit and the location can be detected. On the other hand, a package sent via U. S. Mail cannot be tracked during transit. A courier offers its clients detailed tracking information throughout the process of delivery.

In addition, courier services’ delivery time is considered to be generally faster compared to U.S. Mail. Thus, people prefer to use courier services because they are quicker and normally deliver in a week or less. U.S. Mail is slower since it passes through the customs department. There are high chances of delay by the customs officials, thereby potentially taking a long delivery time. However, U.S. Mail is undoubtedly a cheaper option; couriers are costly because of the speed and trackability involved.

Cost Factor

Your choice of service depends on your shipping goals and budget. Better services are offered by courier service companies, but be ready to spend more money. The higher cost is mainly due to the competition among the courier service companies. Each company strives to offer the best customer service to get more customers in the future. There are different prices for shipping packages and letters by different courier service companies. Therefore, you are advised to compare the prices before making a choice. The regular mail (U.S. Mail), however, tend to have a fixed price and no competition. If you want speed and trackability of courier services, be ready to incur extra costs or charges that are slightly higher than those of regular mail.

Final Words

All in all, courier services and regular mail have their own benefits and limitations but your choice on which method to use depends on your personal preference. If you want lower prices, you should consider regular mail as long as you are willing to wait. Paying a little extra won’t hurt if you want a convenient and swift way to send packages.

Muhammad Irfan
Muhammad Irfan
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