Creating Contact Forms in HTML with AidaForm Online Form Builder

Adding a contact form to your website is a great way to provide visitors with the opportunity to get in touch with any queries, feedback, or requests that they may have. However creating contact forms isn’t easy if you don’t know HTML, PHP, and CSS – and customizing some of the readymade HTML code for contact forms that you find online is just as difficult.

One of the best ways around this problem is to use the AidaForm Online Form Builder. It is a specialized, all-in-one service that will help you to create and publish exactly the type of contact form that you want.

How to Create a Contact Form in AidaForm

If you want to use AidaForm to create a contact form, you first need to sign-up for a free account and then log in using the link on its website. If you’ve already done that then you’re all set, and you can follow these steps to create your form:

  1. Click on the ‘Create a Form’ button in the AidaForm member’s area.
  2. Select a blank template or a template that is close to the structure of the contact form that you want to create.
  3. Type in the name you want to assign to your contact form and click ‘Create’.
  4. Open up the ‘Form Elements’ in AidaForm’s Form Editor, select any type of field that you’d like to add, and customize the text for each field in its settings.
  5. Drag the fields that you’ve added up and down in the form to position them in the right place.
  6. Open up the ‘Form Designer’ section and choose one of the standard themes or customize the font, colors and other parameters to meet your specifications.
  7. Add a custom message to the form that respondents will see after they submit it.
  8. Click ‘Publish’ and choose the option to export the HTML code so that you can embed the form on your website.
  9. Copy and paste the code on your website, save it, and start collecting responses.

If you require more detailed instructions, please visit https://aidaform.com/how-to-create-a-contact-form-in-html.html.

Overall it won’t take you long to follow the steps listed above and come up with your very first contact form using AidaForm. As you can see it will handle all the technical aspects on your behalf, and you can create the perfect HTML contact form without ever writing a single line of HTML code.

Keep in mind that you can create all types of online forms in AidaForm due to how versatile it is. With its features, you can add different types of fields including lists, multiple choice questions, Google Maps, CAPTCHA, and other elements to your forms. In short between all of its options, you will be able to design a wide range of forms, such as newsletter sign-up forms, surveys, online payment forms, and more.

All that you need to do is try it out and use it to create a contact form so you can see how easy it is.

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