Creative Ways to Be Super Hero in Your Kid’s Eye

Modern-day superhero characters are a part of every child’s fantasy with their superpowers and awesome costumes. Fantasy superheroes can instill in children the same qualities that they exhibit on the screen. Superheroes represent bravery, caring for others, and near invincibility. When children play their favorite superhero character they begin to define their own inward abilities that will serve them well as they age. As a game, pretending to be a superhero enhances their imagination especially when they are afraid of something. Becoming a superhero allows them to learn how to conquer their fears.

Educational Super Heroes

Unleash your parent super-power by educating and encouraging your child without their knowing that they are being stimulated to learn. Did you know that movie lines spoken by some of the superheroes can be made into posters and placed in your child’s room or written on their heart? As a matter of fact, math tutoring classes can be arranged at home for enhanced results as it is a more focused modern learning method.

For example, a few favourable movie lines spoken by Spiderman include: “You’re much stronger than you think you are. Trust me.” “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Spoken by Batman include: “You only have your thoughts and dreams ahead of you. You are someone. You mean something.” and “Why do we fall?” “So we can learn to pick ourselves back up.” These are motivating quotes that can inspire your child because you are their superhero!

Super Heroes at Home and in the Community

Teach children to recognize these superhero qualities in the people around them, including mom and dad. Only mom and dad show far more love by playing games with them, especially a superhero game where the child and the parent would dress up in a cape and go running and flying around. Perhaps as the dad, you can play the villain and your child would defeat you in battle, whereby you would then reward them with a snack.

Remind the children that everyday individuals do not have super-human skills like flying high up into the heavens nor can they spin a web to fly about. Instead, they fight crime, fires, save lives through medicine, and fight for freedom just like a superhero. If you are a parent whose work role involves any of these skills, children quickly catch onto the meaning of superhero by recognizing normal superhero qualities in you.

To be a superhero parent, just be your loving self. When there is an event at school, be a parent that shows up with great encouragement. Be a parent that a child likes to run and tell something exciting or something that scares them, knowing that you will make everything alright. You as a parent already have super power hearing and superpower sixth sense. You have watched your child grow from a baby so you know when something is just not right. Watch the kids and if you sense something is wrong, risk uncommunicative conversations, or talk to them in a cuddling or bear hug manner that helps to give them a great sense of security. No one knows your child like you do because you have a super sense.

Parental Super Heroes

Pretending to be one of their favourite superheroes allows children to develop problem-solving skills as they attempt to figure out the best solution to a problem. In other words, children learn to become more creative in their thought processes. Playing an imaginary superhero, takes your child away from tablets, cellphones, or other mobile devices, as they run, jump, and open their mouths to express their delight. Children further learn teamwork as they create a storyline with their friends. A fascination with superheroes benefits children in a variety of mental, physical, and spiritual ways, like enhancing their self-confidence and empowering them.

Love Is A Super Power

There are several areas of concern for children today. These can include fear where they don’t feel in control, peer pressure, bullying, physical safety inside the school, and the hidden traps of social media. The parental expectations for their child are the primary responsibility for their child’s progress and success. Fantasy superheroes had to learn about communicating to get results that saved the world and you and your child must also communicate regularly as well as with the people outside the home like teachers – this is being a superhero for your child.

The question is what are creative ways to be a superhero in the eyes of your kid? Begin by pointing out to your child that the same qualities of a superhero are also in everyday individuals. Firemen, policemen, teachers, military men and women, all have superhero qualities that a child does not immediately recognize. Their line of work saves lives, they have great physical strength, they help their fellow man with rescue missions, and they exhibit great courage like Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and others.

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