Cyber-Security: What Start Up Businesses Should Know

Cyber-attacks are very common today, and they come in many forms, from malicious viruses to complex code that is designed to spy on the infected computer network. If you were thinking that cyber-attacks only occur with corporations, think again, as even the small business is under threat from viruses and malicious code.

Size is Not Important

The size of a business has no bearing on whether or not it might be the target of a cyber-attack, indeed, more than 50% of all new businesses experience some form of a cyber invasion. Most of the malicious viruses that are sent out into the Internet work automatically, looking for network weaknesses, therefore the size of the business would never be a consideration. An online search can have you talking to managed IT security service providers based in Sydney who can protect your valuable data for a very affordable cost. There are so many hackers out there who are always looking for a weakness to exploit, and rather than becoming the victim of online data theft, you can be protected from day one.

The Risk of Data Breach

Data breach is a common form of cyber-attack and it involves stealing marketing or financial data, which is then sold to third party agencies or companies for a variety of uses. The files the hackers use to trawl the Internet do not discriminate regarding whose data they steal, so even the smallest business is at risk.

Valuable Data

Even a startup business has valuable data, which would include the following:

  • Emails
  • Documents
  • Presentations
  • Business Accounts

Imagine the problems if you lost all your important data? Especially if you had not yet created back-up copies, and with a constant threat from your online connection, you need cyber security from day one. You can also look into references online on why every startup business should have cyber security, which is recommended reading for every entrepreneur.

Email Based Threats

The moment you register an email address, you are at risk from the many email viruses that usually are contained in attachments. They are often cleverly disguised, and the email might ask the reader to “click on the attachment to see what prize you have won”, and should you double click on such an attachment, that will start the infection process, and you will be completely unaware that anything is wrong. As a general rule, you should never open an email attachment unless it is from a trusted source, and even then, it could contain a virus. With the right cyber security firm in your corner, your business data will always be protected, and as the business grows, so will your online security.

Online Solutions

If you would like to discuss cybersecurity with a professional, all it takes is an online search, and once you have come to an agreement, the expert will handle all of your data protection on your behalf, and with ongoing upgrades and support, you will always be one step ahead of the hackers.

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