Determining Which Document Management Software Is the Right Choice

A number of important factors come into play when determining which document management software is the right fit for a particular company or industry. Topics such as usability, pricing, effectiveness and customer support are all areas to be considered when selecting software that will meet a company’s needs. The software is not one size fits all, and it can be difficult to find one that meets all of your needs out of the box. Ideally, companies will want document management software that provides the best value out of the box and can be configured to meet the unique requirements of their business processes.

How Is the Software’s Usability?

Usability, or what is often referred to as user-friendliness, is a significant factor of whether a document management software application is a good choice. Sometimes a software package meets many of a company’s requirements but is difficult to use or otherwise problematic. If the software is not user-friendly, there may be user resistance and unforeseen implementation delay. A company wants software that’s going to work well for its employees and that everyone will be onboard with using. There is no point in selecting software for document management if people are going to find reasons not to use it.

Additionally, every stakeholder should be trained on how to use the new software, and the smaller the learning curve, the faster the new software will be in use. That also means that people who are using the software will not be taking a lot of time out of their workday to learn how to use it correctly, so the company saves time and money that way. This is all worth considering when looking into how useable a software is before selecting it.

Is the Software Budget-Friendly?

Buying the least expensive software on the market is not a best practice, but there is also no reason to splurge on the most expensive one either. Instead, look at two things: the price of the software, which should not break the budget, and the value of the software, which should be as high as possible. Price is the amount paid for something, but the value is what the buyer gets for the price. The lower the price and the more features offered, the higher the value.

If a company is having trouble finding a document management software within their budget, it is a good idea to research vendors with different pricing models, as vendors have varying models for pricing software modules, features, and licenses. Choosing a vendor with a concurrent licensing model can be an effective way to meet their budget and allow growth at their own pace.

The Effectiveness of the Software Matters

If the document management software is not effective for the company’s intended use, it really doesn’t matter how low the price is or how easy it is to use. The software has to do the job, and it has to do that job effectively. A best practice for companies when researching document management software is to request a demonstration of the software with some of their company’s documents or work processes; this will give them a much better idea if the software is a good fit for them. Any company trying to determine which software to buy should make sure what it chooses will be as effective as possible for its intended usage and needs.

Good Customer Support Can Make All the Difference

Not all companies consider customer support, but they should. Getting proper customer support from a document management software company is vital for companies when setting up the software and utilizing everything that it has to offer.  Having support through the beginning implementation stages of the software is imperative, and having guaranteed ongoing support throughout the life of the software will help ensure it’s effectiveness.

Companies that select document management software from a company that offers good customer service can generally expect to be more satisfied with their purchase. They may also see a higher level of value from that purchase and use the software for a longer period of time. When the right software is chosen, the vendor and the customer should become partners, working together to expand the company’s use of the software and realize more growth and development, as well as higher efficiency.

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