Devices and Apps for Parents: 8 Cool Tech Tools to Keep Your Kids Safe

If you’re a parent, you know how hard it can be to keep your kids safe and secure. These 8 cool devices and apps for parents can help make the job easier.

Smartphones help kids organize their time and keep them in touch with mom and dad. But, in some cases, the smartphone is a gateway to danger.

How do you protect your kids from pop-up pornography? How do you keep your kids safe when they get home from school and they’re alone until you get off work?

If you’re a parent, you know keeping kids safe is a full-time job. Read on for 8 cool apps for parents that make your job a little easier.

Gadgets and Apps

There are so many gadgets and apps available. These are all tools in the fight to keep your children safe. But one of the best tools is good communication. Always communicate your expectations.

Let your kids know you’re keeping track of their phone and computer usage. Warn them of the dangers of the Internet. Discuss the dangers of talking online to strangers.

Many kids have been fooled by adults posing as kids online. Use these great security apps in conjunction with communication to keep your kids safe.

#1. V.ALRT

The V.ALRT is a simple wearable device which is worn on the wrist. It also comes as a pendant necklace, or stick it in a purse or backpack. The device acts as a personal panic or help button.

The push of a button initiates personal text messages as well as GPS location. It uses Bluetooth and an app on the smartphone. It’ll even let you know if your child falls.

Put several preprogrammed contacts into the V.ALRT. All you need is an app on your smartphone to connect with your child around the clock. The V.ALRT is also waterproof and runs around $40.

#2. Shadow SPY

Shadow SPY is a smartphone monitoring system. Do your kids use apps like Facebook Messenger? How about SnapChat? This is a good system for keeping track of everything your kids do on their phones.

The system logs all keystroke activity, text messages, and calls. It tracks everything in real time and uploads the information to the Internet and is compatible with Android phones.

If you’re using this system on your kids’ phones, talk to them about your expectations. Tell them what’s allowed on their phones and what’s off limits. Then use Shadow SPY for monitoring.

You’ll set up an account and pay for a subscription from one month to one year. A full year is about $50.


Great for preschool and elementary-school kids, this wearable tracker looks like a watch. Using an Android smartphone, you’ll track your child’s location in real time. If your child’s in trouble, they can push a button which calls a preprogrammed number.

If you call your child and there’s no answer, you’ll get connected so you can listen in to see if they’re okay. Set the device for alerts and make sure your child is where they’re supposed to be throughout the day.

The device has hit the South Korean market and will be available in North America by the end of the year.


Do you have a child with a new driver’s license? This may be the device for you. This uses the diagnostic port on the car. You’ll receive information such as GPS location, speed, and other diagnostic data.

If there’s a problem with the car, you’ll know. Get some peace of mind when your child is driving. The service, as well as device, come for about $100.

#5. ESET for Android

Here’s a parental control device for Android phones. It provides web filters and time limits for Internet use. It has fast location tracking and works on multiple devices. Plus, the setup is simple.

You’ll set up filters based on subjects to limit access to apps and web addresses. If you want control of your child’s social networking, this app won’t do it. But if you’re worried about app usage, this does a good job.

It’s under $100 for a year for up to three users.

#6. Qustodio for Families Premium

For under $60 a year, you can manage five devices across a wide spectrum. Manage an Android phone and a Mac computer or an iPhone and a PC. This service is great for limiting time on apps.

Wondering how much time your kid spends on Instagram? Now you know! Set a time limit for each app.

It’s not the best app for website restriction, and it has limited location tracking. It does offer detailed text logs as well as call logs.

#7. KidLogger

Are you looking for an app that helps you log every move your child makes on their smartphone? KidLogger fits the bill. Track social media and messaging with the KidLogger app.

You can see which websites your child frequents, though KidLogger doesn’t let you block the sites. It records which folders your child opens. You’ll see how much time your child spends on the device.

This tool doesn’t let you limit access the way some apps do, but you’ll see everything your child does on the phone. If you’re not happy about their phone behavior, you’ll need another app to limit access. You can try it for free.

#8. Pumpic for iPhone or Android

For about $15 per month, Pumpic comes with lots of tools. You can not only track calls and texts but also limit them. See your child’s social media and website activity and block or limit what you don’t like.

Pumpic is a great tool in the fight against cyberbullying because it allows you to see all texts. It works on iPhone or Android systems. It also works for tablets.

Device location and location history are also options with this app.

Apps for Parents

There are many great apps for parents to keep kids safe. When you give your kids a computer or smartphone, let them know you’ll watch their usage. Limit the time your kids have on their devices.

Smartphones and computers are great devices for keeping in touch, learning, and keeping safe as long as they’re not abused.

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