Did You Mess Up The Dinner

Did you mess up the dinner? No worries ​take your mobile and order online. As there are quite a number of online food delivery apps that serve your foodie thoughts. They make sure that you get your favourite meal at the demanded time and at the demanded place. Top five food delivery apps that your mobile phone should have are as follows,


Whether French cuisine or Continental just click it and have it delivered to your doorsteps.  Browse from thousands of restaurants and have it delivered without any fee except certain delivery charges. You are also given a number of discounts. So you can easily save some bucks. The app can be downloaded from Android, BlackBerry and iOS.  Seamless has been ranked no.4 among the fastest growing private company in the United States. It has also been voted as one of the coolest apps. Launched in 1999 Jason Finger and his team have strived hard to bring the app to where it is now. It has also bagged a number of awards. Seamless has merged with GrubHub to make its services even better.

Door Dash

This app stands out of crowd when compared to the rest of the apps. It uses customer review and feedbacks to rank the restaurants. The also recommend restaurants based on the collected information. They offer door dash score for restaurants as well. They have set on a project to feed the hunger. A meal you donate will help them in their mission. Above all, you can also use door dash coupons.


Just like seamless, Delivery.com does not charge any extra fee. However, they make their profit by taking a percentage on the tips. They deliver food, grocery, wines and much more. They also offer laundry and dry clean services. You will be awarded certain points and rewards for each of your transaction. They also provide gift cards. Operating in more than 100 cities they make sure you get your services delivered or done on time.

Uber Eats

Apart from the transport service, the Uber has entered into the food delivery service as well. They charge $ 5 for every food delivery. You will also be charged an extra fee if your food is brought through busy roads. Other than that you are also given discounts just like other apps.

Post Mates

Operating nearly in 90+ cities it is not similar to other apps. It makes it a point that you get things delivered as per your choice. That is anything from anywhere but confined to distance. They give amazing unlimited deals under the name plus unlimited offer. Founded in 2011, it is excellently organised by its co-founder Bastian Lehmann. Now it has set up in 134 cities in 2018.

There are also a number of other apps like foodler, Gopuff, Yelp eats 24 and a list of others.  These apps have eased your job of waiting in a restaurant. Now you can enjoy your meal at your home peacefully. You don’t have to find a parking space or wait hours to get your food from some popular restaurants​. All you​ have to do is just click it.

Asheer Raza
Asheer Raza
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