Differences and Similarities Between MP4 and AVI

Deciding to convert your favorite videos on some different format can be a bit difficult when you are not aware of any of the formats. Convert AVI to mp4 is a routine for many of us who are working on PC and laptops 

Engineers and other persons from technical fields can claim that they know some basics to advanced knowledge of video formats. In case you do not have enough knowledge you can switch to google. 

Why is it important? Many people behave like a stubborn idiot and end up destroying the image and video quality. There is a list of precautions and tips regarding format. 

If you are using an old version of windows such as Xp windows then AVI version will perform better than mp4. Other factors such as space, performance, adaptability, and potential also influence your choice. 

In this article, I will try to explain in a brief manner, what are the differences between Mp4 and AVI format. 

  • Mp4 

The MP4 format was designed in the late 1980s by movie picture experts group (MPEG). The MP4 format is designed for digital video storage, this format supports titles and subtitles.

  • AVI 

This format was designed for windows by Microsoft. It can be concluded that these formats are best for windows. In simple words, if you want to experience the best video quality in your PC then AVI format can be an option for you. 

The difference 

  • AVI videos do not support some specific codecs, for example, it would not be supporting HEV and VP9 formats. 
  • MP4 can support Ultra HD videos while AVI will only support HD videos. This means that if you have got some videos which you want to watch in high definition then having it in AVI format would not do any harm but if it is a heavy video with ultra HD quality then make sure that you have got the right format. 
  • Subtitles can be different. mp4 containers are very efficient for subtitles because it is designed with suitable codec. Mp4 has different codecs than AVI.

On the other hand, AVI has got different subtitle formats, you might need to download some effective extensions for making the subtitles go. So it can be assumed that if you are going to watch a video which is in your mother tongue the  AVI format will be suitable. 

In case you have got some different language then you can go with mp4. This is essential if your video is some sort of evidence because in Mp4 the subtitle is organized with time to text format. 


  • Larger in size

Both mp4 and AVI are not designed for extra compression if you will convert a large video in Mp4 or AVI there would be no or less change in the size of the video. 

This is an automatic and inevitable process.  AVI and mP4 both support large video sizes because both are High definition videos. 

  • Quality 

Same goes for the quality of videos. It does not change when you convert it any of the two formats. However, in many software and containers, it will turn into even in more better quality than before. 

  • Compatible

Both these video containers are designed for phone and Pc. You can have them in a number of devices. 

They are specifically designed while keeping in view the multi-purpose use of these containers. No worries if you have got an AVI video in your smartphone it will work as good as you can imagine. 

Same goes for the Mp4, most of the time when we download videos we get confused between these two but both are safe to use and efficient. 


So far, we have concluded that the only difference among these two video containers is of subtitles and quality however these differences are jot so stark. Each video container is efficient and apt. Both can provide similar results. 

The only issue that you might feel will be the size of videos which will be bigger in both cases. Thus, before you choose any of these make sure that your device has got enough speed otherwise it can slow down the performance of your device be it your smartphone or laptop. Lastly, everything depends upon your way of using any of these videos containers.

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