Different Defences – Comparing Home Security Options

Every homeowner wants to keep their family, belongings and property safe from intruders. There’s a wide range of steps that you can take to bolster your home security and ensure that your property stands up to any threats of invasion. However, each of these lines of defence has pros and cons and it’s important you take some time to consider which will work better for your property.

In this day and age burglaries are more common than you might think so it’s important to give due consideration to which system will work best for you. You might elect to install technology such as security cameras, security lights or a monitored alarm system. On the other hand, you might opt for more obvious measures like Crimsafe security screens, security doors or extra locks at entry points to your home. Whatever you do, it’s important to choose an option or a combination of options, that will work best for your security needs.

Continue reading to learn more about some measures you can take to keep your home safe and secure.

Security Screens

We all like to be able to see out of our windows without having to look through prison-like grates or bars. A great alternative is to install security screens. The best screens feature Tensile Tuff security mesh and are made out of stainless steel to ensure they are durable and can stand up to intruders. Due to their construction and design, security screens can’t be damaged by kicking or pricing them open, allowing you to keep your window open on those hot summer days without worrying about someone climbing in.

Security Lighting

Security lighting is a popular option to deter burglars as they are activated every time someone comes near them. Other types of security lights stay on the whole time. However, it has been proved that in some areas more burglaries have taken place with the lights on rather than off. This is because people don’t notice intruders with the full glare of the lights. In addition, the intruders can see what they’re doing much more easily and therefore be more efficient in their ‘work’.

Security Cameras

With security cameras installed on your property, you can watch what is happening outside your home and with some modern systems, you can also access the live footage from your mobile. They are also a huge deterrent for burglars as the intruder can be easily recognised, making prosecution much easier. For obvious reasons, this is something that most criminals want to avoid.

Security Doors

Security doors are a great addition to your home, both in terms of protection and for raising the value of your house. They are usually made of steel, wrought iron, or aluminium, are drill proof and are fitted with deadbolts and heavy-duty key locks which are virtually impossible to break through. Nowadays they come in all different styles and colours, so you can be sure that you will find the right door to fit with the aesthetic of your home.

Alarm Systems

Another option for securing your home against intruders is having an alarm system installed. Some alarm systems are monitored by an alarm company, which is the best option as they will contact the police if there an intruder is detected. If you want a more budget option, having a non-monitored system can also help to add a level of security to your home and keep intruders at bay. It’s also worth noting, that most burglars will assume, that if an alarm system is installed, there’s a good chance that you take home security seriously and may have more security measures in place too.

Choose The Right Home Security System For Your Home

When selecting home security measures for your home, it’s important to keep your needs and your budget in mind. For someone living in a rural location, security lights and a monitored alarm system might be a great option. On the other hand, for homeowners in urban areas, streetlights might provide enough lighting and your money may be better spent on security screens or doors. Whichever route you choose to better home security, take some time to weigh up your options and make the right choice for your property to ensure you are always protected from break-ins.

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