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With the time everything changes so is the marketing techniques and strategies. In this era of technology where whole universe is shifting towards digitization and more advancement, the old marketing strategies and techniques have been ruled out because they are old and not feasible any longer as in the time of competition they can cause businesses a serious setback as new trends are being introduced and they’re contributing a lot.

No business can ignore these trends and keep following their old strategies in order to make progress and make their presence in market. Well there is a term called Digital Marketing which is being used by the top companies and businessmen to enhance their business and make more profit.

Why do we do marketing? Obviously to reach out to our customers and keep them updated with our products and to provide them ease in choosing.

There are some trends which are spreading continuously and can prove helpful to your business or in case you’re about to start new business or you’re facing decline in your business then read till the end because I’m going to tell you about new digital marketing strategies which can help your brand not only to become popular but also help you in profit as well. Because time is changing and it is not obvious that the strategies or trends that you have been following since last 2 years are still going to work for you.

In 2018 and upcoming 2019, there are these 11 Digital Marketing trends which are not going to get old and can be improved accordingly.

#1. Stay Relevant:

One of the most important things in business is staying relevant to the customers, as we know people use social media more than any other media then you need to keep in touch with your customer through social media like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube etc. So, in order to stay relevant to your customer and keep in touch with them you must create your social media cell which keep your customers intact on your social media and customers stay updated with current situation. Create account on these platforms and promote your brand to reach more audience in short time.

#2. Multiple platforms:

If you think that one platform is enough then you’re wrong. If you’re media cell is only focusing on Facebook then what about Instagram and YouTube? So, try to cover all those platforms where your target market held.

#3. Social Apps:

According to Facebook, almost 2 billion people were active once in a month and so is the case with Instagram and any other social apps. Now as we know that our customer tends to spend more time on social apps then why not target that thing? Time has gone when you used to keep emails of your customers and other things were carried out there, now people don’t have time to check their emails but they do have time to check their social app. So, it would be a good idea to provide our services through social app by which not only you can negotiate with the customer but also all your products and services would be easily accessible to the customer. This will also help to keep your customer loyal to you and delighted as well.

#4. Influence Marketing:

It’s a bit old technique but it is still relevant and trending. These influences can not only be film actors or tv celebrities but these influences could be anyone which holds a great number of audiences. It could be a you-tuber or an Instagram model or a brand or even a politician. Basically, the only purpose to use influence is that as they hold an audience it would be easy for you to spread your message to a bigger audience through that influence instead of managing and dealing with great number of customers one by one. As we know big companies have their own brand ambassadors which are influence and they audience which follow them would tend to prefer that product.

#5. Video advertising:

On YouTube or Facebook or Instagram 80% of their ads consists of videos of their product. Making video of your product helps customer to get knowledge about product and make decisions accordingly. 90% customers tend to buy a product after watching video of it. Add videoing to your marketing strategy and don’t consider it as waste of money because a good video can convey your message to a bigger audience and effectively and as you know funny or good videos do go viral on social media so it may help increase your popularity and a better position in the market as well. Make a video of product and post it to your social media channel to help your customer.

#6. Visual Search:

Enough of searching by name and if you saw a product at a random place and you don’t know its name and you want to buy it but you can’t search it so this technique can take your customer experience to another level. Visual search is search engine which helps you to find things more specifically. User puts picture of the object and get results very close and specifically about that object now that picture can be of any product or person or a place. Pinterest and google lens provide that service which is extremely helpful for the user and provide easy opportunities for the customer to reach product.

#7. Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence has a crucial role in every field of life. In marketing strategies AI helps you to analyze customer behavior and his search patterns by utilizing data from social media and other channels which help you to find out that how customer find his product and other services. How AI will help you?

It analyzes customers preference about ads and posts. Like what kind of posts does customer like and what kind of ads customer watches and skip then according to that AI show customer those ads which customer takes interest in. You might have noticed sometimes that you get those ads which you like to watch and those ads does not show up again which you dislike or skip. This all is done through artificial intelligence. This is how customer finds his desirable product easily.

#8. Chatbots:

This is one of the most trending marketing strategies in 2018. It is basically an AI based technology which enables you to connect and communicate with your customer irrespective of time. It a communication format where the customer talks with a robot and ask his questions about product and chatbot answers them accurately. It is one of the leading trends in 2018 as they are responsive and can meet a large number of customers at a time and response them with accurate answers.

Customers also like to interact with chatbots and it is also great customer service as well. Many company websites have adopted this technology to increase their customer service.

These chatbots can provide detailed information about the product and can also keep a history of customer to avoid same questions again and again. It does not require any human assistance as it can also ask customer about their emails and send them details which they had ask.

#9. Personalized Content:

It is also AI based as it analyzes the customers data and consider customers priorities for the next time. It helps customer to reach their desired product easily and make choice quickly.

It provides customer a VIP level of treatment as customer does not have to search a lot and find technical difficulties. By the information like history of customer, ads watched, link clicked the companies get to know about the preference of that specific person and provide them content specifically. Personalization ensures customers delight 100%.

#10. Enhance Mobile Marketing:

The number of mobile users is increasing with time mobile users have exceeded the number of laptop or pc users. According to a survey 87% of Americans spend 90 hours on their smartphones weekly, so this shows the importance of mobile marketing. Keep the customers intact by emails, social apps, Facebook pages, YouTube channels or through any other platform.

#11. Stories:

Social media stories are now the most trending format in now time as it started from snapchat and now to every social apps. Social media marketer should also consider this format as their market strategy to spread brand awareness and keeping customer to have something to always look up to. As it has a specific expire time so it means it never gets old and a strong relation starts building between brand and customer. Many brands are focusing on creating good content for stories to stay relevant among the customers.

So, these are some trending digital marketing strategies which different brands are following to lead their businesses and reach bigger audience. It is also very profitable as surveys tells that digital marketing has increased the revenue of companies from 10 to 15% which is revolutionary. If you’re looking forward to become successful and have popular brand then follow these trends which are trending in 2018 and will never get old till 2020.

Asheer Raza
Asheer Raza
Asheer Raza is a blogger and web entrepreneur. He loves to write on Tech and Business related stuff.


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