Get Your Head in the Clouds and Discover the Advantages of Cloud Storage

The days of paper and digital files are long gone. If you’re not using cloud storage, you’re behind the times. Check out the advantages of cloud storage here.

What if someone told you that every bit the information you ever needed could be recalled in an instant from anywhere you are? If it sounds too good to be true, then you haven’t heard about the advantages of cloud storage.

Gone are the days of filing cabinets full of documents or even storing and transferring hard drives worth of files. Today, cloud storage is an essential part of any business model.

Don’t make your file maintenance harder than necessary. If you’re ready to efficiently store and manage any data you could imagine, read on to find out how the cloud is exactly where you need to be.

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage relies on the power of the internet. All your files and data are stored remotely on a server that you can access online. As long as you have internet access, you can keep your own files remotely for backup, storage, file-sharing, and more.

Advantages of Cloud Storage

The cloud is so widespread, 3.6 billion users take advantage of it all over the world. The question isn’t if you should be using the cloud, but what cloud services should you use?

Even if you haven’t invested in a cloud service, you likely use one already through apps such as DropBox, Google Drive, One Drive, or even Amazon S3. No matter what you choose, you’ll be glad you decided to try it.

Space-Saving & Secure

You no longer have to depend on the space left on your hard drive to store digital media and documents. With cloud storage, the need for external copies is greatly reduced.

Should your device fail, cloud storage has you covered. Having your files backed up via the cloud means you can download them right away and resume productivity in a flash. Never lose important documents or photos again

Worried about the information being on the net? While nothing is 100% secure, cloud storage can offer top-of-the-line firewalls, malware protection, encryption, and more. Cloud storage companies depend on a reputation of being reliable, so they employ a variety of physical protections as well such as disaster provisions and biometric security.

Cloud platforms also rely on a system of redundancies, where multiple copies of data are maintained at all times to prevent loss through failure. With the cloud, you not only purchase storage space, but also an army of technologies to keep it safe and secure.

If you’re looking for more on the importance of backing up your data, Beyond Hosting penned a great post. Check it out!


Being mobile, especially as a company, has major advantages. When you utilize the cloud, all you need is the net to keep the ball rolling wherever business takes you. The cloud is compatible with mobile devices, laptops, tablets, and a variety of software platforms that help it work for you.

Instead of emailing attachments or transferring documents the old-fashioned way, folders can be shared through the cloud to make collaboration a breeze. Moving past the traditional office framework allows for more remote team placement and telecommuting, expanding the possibilities of any workforce.

The cloud offers incredible security along with flexibility, due to the ability to restrict access to only approved individuals. Emails can’t offer that sort of promise.


While it may seem like it would cost more to pay for storage that you could just do on your own devices, the cloud is cost-effective for a number of reasons.

The services of cloud storage offer incredible data protections that would cost you significantly more to employ with data stored on-site. The best in physical and digital protections can keep your files safe without you having to maintain IT personnel to manage it.

In a business setting, administrative and storage costs can be cut as well. With no ever-increasing hardware or bulky documents to store, less space and less people to maintain that system are needed. Massive local storage hardware can be a thing of the past.

Cloud storage also allows you to pay for what you need and nothing more. Should you need more space, you simply add it to your existing plan. There’s no need to guesstimate how much space you’ll need for the year and end up with a bigger bill for unused storage.


Create a document at home without the cloud. If you want to take it with you, you’ve got to email it to yourself, transfer it to another device, or print it out.

With cloud technology, syncing files to all your devices is a breeze. Your device is no longer the storage unit, but the access point, to all your information. Once your files are set up to save to the cloud, you reap the benefits of automatic cloud backup form the most recent version of any file.

Never spend time transferring a file to yourself across multiple devices again. That document you created at home? Feel free to review it on your phone, edit it at the office, and share it with clients from anywhere you choose.

Get Into the Cloud!

If you’re looking for the ultimate security and accessibility for your data, the cloud is where you need to be. The advantages of cloud storage are second-to-none. As internet access expands to every corner of the globe, it is likely that the cloud will take over as the dominant storage method for personal and business use in the future.

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