E-Visa ESTA; Makes Your Tour To USA Smooth

As a matter of fact, the United States Of America is the dreamland for many of use. Many people want to visit the USA, but they need the authorization to enter the land. Every individual who is coming from a country that comes under the visa waiver program needs E- Visa ESTA to enter the country. It is an electronic system of travel authorization that allows the travelers to get into the country without any problem.

Who Can Get AN ESTA?

As everyone knows that the United States of America has started a pre-screening system to make sure that no criminal could enter the country. It is an online system, and anyone can get an E- Visa ESTA if he has a:

·       Valid passport

·       Valid credit card

·       And is the citizen of a visa waiver country

·       Wants to stay in the United States of America for less than 90 days

But you should understand that it is not a pure visa. The Department of Homeland Security manages this electronic system of travel authorization. This system is basically to determine the eligibility of the travelers who come from the countries which come under the visa waiver program. It is an online system, and you have to fill an application form to get an ESTA. Through the information provided in the application, the authorities do the screening of passengers before giving them permission to enter the country.

Member Countries Who Come Under Visa Waiver Program:

Following are the countries that come under the visa waiver program and need an ESTA to enter the USA:

Estonia, Germany, Greece, Japan, Monaco, Sweden, Taiwan, Denmark, Brunei, Italy, Japan, Spain, Norway, Hungary, Latvia, Singapore, Malta, Slovakia, Netherlands, Lithuania, Republic of Korea, Czech Republic, Belgium, Finland, Andorra, Austria, Australia, Ireland, Ice land, San, Marino and Switzerland.

Every individual requires an ESTA to enter the United States of America. The procedure of applying for ESTA is simple and easy. All you have to do is to fill an application form and submit online. In fact, within few minutes you will get the confirmation that your application has been approved for ESTA. But make sure that you have provided the correct information in the application. As the authorities will do the pre-screening on the basis of the provided information so be careful. It will take only ten to fifteen minutes to fill the application for. You can apply for ESTA even seventy-two hours prior your departure. Your ESTA will remain valid for two years. But you cannot stay in the USA for more than 90 days. So if you are planning to visit the United States of America for:

·       Visit

·       Pleasure

·       Business

Then get an ESTA to make sure that you would not get any trouble during your stay in the USA. It is a document that provides you authority to enter the land and visit without any difficulty. Thus it is for the security and safety of the country so you should get an ESTA.

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