Email Validator: A Major Factor In Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the major parts of any digital marketing campaign. Even though social media, content marketing, SEO, and the rest of the strategies try to edge this marketing method out the door, it’s going extremely strong. Email marketing offers 3800% ROI.

What could you send your email marketing strategy to the trash folder? The wrong email address. It doesn’t matter how much time and money you spend on the strategy. If the target audience doesn’t get the message, all your efforts disappear in vain.

That’s where an email validator comes in.

What Does an Email Validator Do?

An email validator helps you ensure you are sending your email messages to the correct addresses.

Check #1: The first line of defense against the incorrect email address is the syntax check. When the potential client shares the email address, typos are highly common. The on-site email validator checks for common errors and lets the person know that something is not right. Usually, the client re-enters the address or leaves the page, allowing you to save money on bounced emails and keep your sender’s reputation at a high level.

Check #2: The second line of defense is a domain check. The email validator checks if the domain truly exists.  If the domain mentioned in the email address is invalid, the validator lets you know. If the check is done at the email typing stage, the validator doesn’t allow the client to go to the next step. If you do it to check the email hygiene before sending your promotional emails, you can reduce the bounce rate substantially.

Check #3: The third line of defense is regular email list checks. Once the email list is set up, the validator reviews it occasionally to make sure it’s still valid. The validator finds out if some of the domains don’t exist anymore or if the email hasn’t been used for a long time.

The tool does its job without sending an actual email, thus not affecting your bounce rate or sender’s reputation.

How Can An Email Validator Improve Your Marketing Campaign?

How can this software improve your campaign? According to experts at Byteplant, an email validator can reduce the amount of money spent on email marketing while keeping your sender’s reputation intact.

Let’s take a closer look at the impressive ways a simple tool can boost your marketing efforts.

#1. Reducing Bounce Rate

Bounce rate shows how many of your sent email messages have been returned as undeliverable. If the rate is high, your sender’s reputation suffers. By eliminating invalid addresses from your list, you can keep the bounce rate to a minimum.

#2. Improving The Sender’s Reputation

Sender’s reputation depends on many factors. One of them is a high number of hard bounces. If your reputation suffers, your emails are ending up in spam folders, which eventually can lead to your domain being blacklisted. Proper email hygiene can keep the sender’s reputation in good condition.

#3. Improving Efforts

Checking email lists by hand is a time-consuming task. You can route your marketing team’s efforts elsewhere. High-quality email validators process large email lists at a high speed.

#4. Cutting Costs

Sending unnecessary emails, dealing with blacklisted domains, improving your bounce rate. All of the above costs money. An email validator can help reduce the money spent on your email marketing campaign.

Final Thoughts

The importance of email marketing in the modern digital marketing campaign can’t be overlooked. A valid email list is an integral part of the campaign’s success. An email validator can keep your email list clean and updated at a reasonable cost.

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