Event Space Planning

Whether you are responsible for the promotion of a public figure or an organization, the event remains one of the most effective tools available to you. The event space is just as important. There are a lot of advantages of organizing events for promotion purposes. Before going to the details of planning and organizing events, let’s see what the event can help you achieve.

1. Events create a personal relationship with the public

Whether you are organizing an event for employees or an event for the general public, it will involve direct contact between those who participate in the event and the organization you represent. The brand is attributed to a human face, which positively influences how it will be perceived by the public. This is true even for the latest online events, using techniques such as live streaming, live chatting on channels dedicated to the event, and so on.

2. The brand will be the star of the event

Another great advantage of events used as a promotional tool is that it directs all the spotlight to the promoted brand. From the decor elements, to the atmosphere and event program, all will be impregnated, to a greater or lesser extent, with symbols pertaining to the identity of that brand. Read all about it here. The visibility will not only increase in quantity but also in qualitative terms, because you will be able to choose with maximum precision what aspects of the brand image to integrate in the event and what to leave out, what values to exploit and in what manner.

3. Events allow you to have total control over your messages

Like any host of an event, you have absolute control over everything that happens within it. You will decide the concept behind the event, its creative execution, the decor, the artistic program and the messages you send. In other words, you will give the tone of the atmosphere in the event and decide how you want it to be received. You will choose when to talk and say, and the guests will play according to your rules. That is why it is very important that they be established with great care. There are few occasions when you have as much control over your messages as in the case of events, so it is a pity to not make the most of them.

Although events seem to be simple to organize, it is very important that you do not treat them with superficiality and do not organize them intuitively, if you want to be effective. Any event must have a careful planning behind it, because a single unattainable detail can turn a successful event into a disaster with long-term consequences.

Establish objectives

As in the case of planning a large communication campaign, the first thing to do is to establish the objectives to be achieved through the event. That’s what reactions you want to get and from whom. There are several goals you can accomplish by organizing an event, just below a few more common ones:

  • Announcing fast, in a personal context, important information (launching a new product, expanding the company, an important moment in the life of the company leader, etc.);
  • Creating a close relationship with the public (it can be an entertainment event for the public – concert, contest – or an event addressed to the public – teambuilding, private party);
  • Increasing brand visibility;
  • Improving press relations (by organizing events dedicated exclusively to the media – first-time testing of products, visiting a new headquarters, etc.);
  • Attract new audiences;
  • Improving the company’s image (events can be effective tools in managing post-crisis communication);
  • Informing/educating audiences about certain products, processes, changes (seminars, roundtables, workshops).

Setting the target audience

The people you want to achieve the mentioned goals are your target audience. In the case of an event, the public does not necessarily represent only those people who actually participate in it, but may also be the ones who hear about the event, promote it, boycott it, and so on. Whatever the situation, you need to know each group that you are addressing and how it can affect your goals.

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