Everything you need to know about Augmented Reality

AR, also known as augmented reality is a technology designed to augment your world by adding layers of images, videos and graphs on top of it. What you do is that you basically add virtual elements on top of real world ones with the use of various apps and devices. There are many things such as adding puppy ears or virtual noses to images, Pokemon Go and many other things that are possible thanks to AR. Even many sites like Houzz are offering you virtual shopping opportunities so you can see how the item would look in your home.

Why is augmented reality different from virtual reality?

The two notions sound the same, at least at first. But there is a difference. VR offers complete immersion in the virtual world. AR still keeps you in the real world, but it does alter the reality with the use of various devices in order to make it a bit more interesting and distinctive.

Types of augmented reality

There’s not only a single type of augmented reality, but there are also actually multiple ones. Some are not overlaid directly. Others are focused on the idea of making the user see the superimposed data on top of what they see, and that’s where phones and AR devices like the HoloLens come into play. And all of this is available thanks to computer vision. This technology has methods used to process, analyze as well as acquire data quickly and with the best possible results. The computer needs to receive input regarding what’s happening in real life, and based on that it will be able to showcase the augmented item or signal on top of the real thing. That’s why we used the notion of layers, because it’s very accurate!

What is needed for augmented reality?

That depends, but most of the time a phone or an augmented reality device will be enough. There’s also a need for special sensors too. These sensors understand the environment, so they are crucial to acquire and use, so try to keep that in mind if possible. Aside from those devices there are also AR glasses, AR contact lenses and virtual retinal displays. The necessary hardware also includes cameras and sensors, processing and reflection, among many others.

Is augmented reality necessary?

Being able to add virtual items into our own world is certainly exciting. And it already has lots of uses in both video games and the sales world. The technology is extremely useful and it can be adapted and adjusted to your own requirements without that much of a problem. Plus, it’s easy to access too. While not everyone has AR headsets, people do have a phone and using your phone to access all this kind of stuff really works in a huge range of applications.

AR is extremely impressive and it’s the type of tech that continues to impress. If you are very passionate about technology, you do need to keep an open eye for AR, as it will be the future of tech for quite some time. Yes, the technology is still perfecting now, but it’s getting there and that’s exactly what you want to keep in mind.

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