Everything You Need To Know About Small Business Multi-channel Marketing With WhatsApp

There are a lot of social media sites and applications out there and nearly all of them are put to good use. People of all ages use them to communicate daily, games can be played on them and funny photos can be shared for anyone to see.

Big businesses have also taken advantage of this popularity when it comes to their marketing and customer service and it’s not hard to see why. An incredible number of people use social media every day (2 billion people actively use Facebook alone) and it’s a great way to reach out to new and existing customers. One social media app that tends to get overlooked in this regard, however, is WhatsApp.

However, I believe this app has a lot of potentials and could be a great place for your company to work on its marketing. Why is this though? Read on to find out.

The first thing I’ll bring to your attention is the fact that WhatsApp is a really popular app for people to use. While it’s not quite as popular as sites like Facebook (but then again are any of them as big as that?) it certainly has a really wide base of users and they tend to use it on a daily basis.

Due to the fact that it is linked directly to people’s mobile numbers, it’s really easy to set up and people use it as a sort of alternative to ordinary texting. This has led to its growing exponentially in popularity and therefore there are a lot of people for your company to reach out to.

The diversity of users is astounding and if you are able to reach out to more than one type of person, this app provides the perfect place to market any products or ideas. Check out Textlocal to learn more.

Another benefit of using WhatsApp could be that not as many companies use it for marketing. While Facebook and Instagram tend to take the majority of advertisements, WhatsApp is more modest in this regard and that means there’s plenty of space for you to exploit. If you follow the right tactics and pay the necessary money, you could be appearing on the screens of a lot of people. Again, this gives you the chance to reach a lot of people and you can aim to attract a lot of new customers.

Using WhatsApp also gives you a great opportunity to boost your customer service perception. Due to the fact that you can contact customers via messages resembling text services, you can have nice friendly and natural conversations with them.

It’s a lot easier for customers to text rather than phoning and you can have specific people trained up to reply to their messages. This is a really effective way of messaging with your clients.

Steve Max
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A long time digital entrepreneur, Steve has been in digital marketing since 2010 and over the past decade he has built & executed innovative online strategies for leading companies in car insurance, retail shopping, professional sports and the movie & television industry.


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