Executive Team Coaching Online – What Does It Mean And How Can It Help You

In this coaching article, I offer you valuable inside scoop. This information will help you analyze your actions from a much better-anchored outlook. What really interests you is not the work, it’s not even the goals, it’s the results! They are the most accurate indicator of how good you are on the road of life. At https://www.thevivacious.com/ you can find out what does coaching mean and when you need coaching.

What does coaching mean?

In terms of coaching, there are three categories of people: those who use coaching to get faster results, those who have heard of coaching but do not understand how it can help and those who have never heard of coaching.

Coaching definition

There are several definitions for coaching, depending on the perspective from which it is viewed: as the branch of science, as a coach-client relationship, changes made following the coaching process. The coaching definition is the following:

Coaching is a professional relationship whereby a coach supports his client (person or group) by providing him with advanced coaching techniques and tools to deliver extraordinary results in personal or professional life.

Practically, a coach provides the person, his/her full knowledge and powerful change tools to enable the person to get the results he/she wants at the earliest opportunity.

It’s as if you’re using your journey for what you want:

  • a map of the trip (which will be the strategy and the action plan);
  • the fastest way to deliver results (coaching).

When do you need coaching? When to call a coach?

There are many reasons why people resort to coaching. Over the years I have been able to synthesize these reasons, and I will continue to present them in a compact form. If we are talking about changes in the personal or professional area, let’s see what the main reasons are why people are turning to a coach. Read more here.

Call a coach when you want to clarify what’s really important to you!

In life, lack of mental clarification is the most common cause of failure. Do you think you could achieve an objective you have not even defined clearly and specifically? That’s not possible. In addition, if the goal is not clear, then you lack both the strategy and the action plan. Everything is in the mist. In the mood of your life journey, you are subject to the dangers, and your progress towards results is very difficult.

Most remain stuck in this phase of lack of mental clarification for many years. In coaching, I met people who have tried to clarify what is important to them, even more than 9-12 years. In fact, the price they paid was extremely high, they paid for many years in their lives.

How long does this clarification process take if you use a coach: generally 2-4 sessions?

Ask a coach when you have to make an important decision (life coaching)

Whether you need to make a decision in personal or professional life, we also talk about life coaching. A coach can help you make the right decisions, build a strategy and action plan, and then implement those decisions correctly. The most common situations that people resort to a life coach are related to problems in the couple relationship, changes in the professional direction.

How long does this decision-making process take if you use a coach: generally between 2-5 sessions.

You need a coach when you’re confused about how to build an action plan

This time you have the fixed goal: you know what you want, you know where you want to get and what you want to get. But you are confused with the action plan. You do not know how it should be built correctly so you have a travel map to the results.

A life coach can help you set up both your strategy and your action plan. And I want you to know that the strategy is more important than the plan. The strategy determines your leverage points on your journey to results.

How long does the process of making an action plan last, if you use a coach: generally between 2-4 seasons.

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