Exhaust Standards Per State Explained

Exhaust standards in the US vary by state, which means it’s vital to do your research when you consider replacement of exhaust systems for cars and trucks. Not having proper knowledge of exhaust standards might because of a lot of frustration for you. You may face an emission test anytime and not knowing the exhaust standard in your state might be the sole reason for getting banned from driving your car in that given state. Read on to learn more about how to meet your local emissions standards.

California Air Resources Board

California’s densely populated Los Angeles County has historically had severe air pollution problems due to smog. As a result, the state tends to have stricter emissions laws. Over the years, 16 other states have adopted the same regulations in order to improve the local air quality. CARB has the strictest standards in the country, and they are spreading to other states, so it is important to be familiar with them. If you live in a CARB state, it’s important to install the highest quality exhaust mufflers to be sure you won’t get penalized. Those states require an Executive Order number for aftermarket exhaust systems, which let you avoid tickets and help you pass smog checks. So, research well, talk to some fellow car owners/ drivers to know the exact standards in your state to maintain the perfect exhaust standard for your car.

Checking Your Car’s Emissions Standards

The EPA requires all vehicles in the US to meet certain standards to have an emissions tag, and this tag will show whether your vehicle conforms to national standards or the stricter California laws. You can find this tag in the engine compartment or under the hood. This tag will also include the engine family number, which will help you find a replacement catalytic converter or other parts that fit with your vehicle and matches the local standards.

High Flow Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters are instrumental in reducing harmful emissions from vehicles. They break down toxic gases into nontoxic compounds that are not considered pollutants. High flow catalytic converters perform the same function of reducing toxicity, but they do so with efficient exhaust flow. They give the most noticeable improvement for vehicles that have optimized engines. However, they are illegal in many states, since it is not legal to replace your OEM converter with a less effective model.

Find exhaust systems that will keep you within the legal requirements for your state. If you need to make adjustments, be sure to choose system replacements that meet the legal standards in your area. You can find a lot of places online to get quality exhaust systems for your car. All you need to know is the exact legal requirement in terms of standard of car exhaust system when you buy one for your car. Not knowing, on the other hand, can make your investment for the exhaust system a complete loss. Be knowledgeable and have an appropriate exhaust system for your car.

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