Exploring The Best Coffee Locales in Bangalore

Bangalore is the land of great coffees and superb beers. The coffee culture in the city has grown many times over, with the rise in the number of cafes and coffee bars that have opened up. Coffees have also started to come out in different flavours and combinations, owing to the rise in demand.

There are niche shops that provide a French café experience, and stores that give you a bookshop feeling. It’s really the traveller’s market right now, with so many options coming out each year. Travellers visiting Bangalore will have a gala of a time enjoying the city’s multitude of coffee options.

Indian Coffee House

Indian Coffee House is synonymous with Bangalore coffee, because of its rich legacy and history. Fans of the coffee joint have stories of generational coffee drinkers visiting its gates. The coffee place serves delicious coffees from the South and focuses on the authentic styles of making fresh coffee. Travellers that haven’t visited here before, don’t know what true Bangalore coffee is like.

The Flying Squirrel

TFS is another excellent coffee spot to visit when you want to try artisan coffee. The brand serves a myriad of coffees from different locations around the world. Fans of French coffees and Egyptian roasts can request for tasters at the counter. They’re also regarded as one of the top 10 restaurants in Bangalore, as they serve amazing pastas and fresh baked goods.

The LaLiT Boulangerie

You can find some of the best coffee in the city at The LaLiT Ashok Bangalore. The Boulangerie has rich delicious coffees, being served alongside healthy options in sandwiches and cakes. Guests at the hotel love visiting the café after they’ve enjoyed their meals. In fact, the hotel also houses one of the best dinner places in Bangalore in Oko. Fans of the classic coffee vibe will love coming to The LaLiT Boulangerie.

Mr. Beans-Home Café

The café is a chilled-out spot with art memorabilia in a relaxed environment. The local brewed coffee here comes in various forms both hot and cold. They have many experimental options in coffees as well, for travellers that like to explore all sides of the coffee scene. Mr. Beans is also a throwback to an era where coffee culture was all about having great conversations over the latest coffee specials.

Atta Galatta

Atta Galatta is a unique bookstore cum coffee shop in Bangalore. Not many places in the city come close to the café, owing to its authentic interiors and British era charm. Lovers of all things fiction and travel will enjoy resting their boots at this literary cultural hot spot. Authors, singers and poets also perform there in the evenings.

Asheer Raza
Asheer Raza
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