FAQs about Your Arcade Powercard in Indonesia

Indonesia is known for its beaches and vibrant flora and fauna. The tropical paradise is considered the biggest island country in the world. People might not know it, but Indonesia is not attached to the mainland and consists of 17,000 islands. It boasts of the second largest forest cover in the world, as well as 147 volcanoes. As you know, volcanoes are the spark of life as they eject minerals and nutrients that result in rich biodiversity.

Nevertheless, the country is not only known for its natural attractions. Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, and Bandung feature high-rises and modern conveniences you would expect from megacities. In shopping malls, you will likely find arcades to relive the games of your youth or bond with your kids.

If you have not been to Arcade in Indonesia for quite a while, you would be surprised that they hardly use tokens anymore. They use what is known as a Powercard. It works similar to a debit card where you load credits.

You swipe it across the slot on the machine, and the system will deduct the corresponding amount from your credit. The card will also save any details regarding the tickets you win while playing the games.

Here are some more FAQs about the Powercard:

  1. How long is it before the Powercard expires?

The Powercard will last for about 12 months from the last top-up. For example, if you loaded the card on October 10, 2020, it will expire on October 10, 2021, if you failed top-up within that span. You can use the card repeatedly if you load it with the minimum charge within the 12-month period. If you have a remaining balance, you can play the game using your Powercard since it still counts as a transaction.

  1. Can I upgrade my VIP Powercard?

The Powercard VIP card can be purchased from the cashier. Typically, the card is already topped-up with the minimum amount equivalent to the money you hand over. But there are two more tiers for the Powercard–Gold and Platinum. The two upgraded Powercards entitle you to several rewards. For example, if it is your birthday, you and five of your friends can play for two hours for free. You also get two free games per day for the Gold Powercard and three free games for the Platinum card.

  1. What happens if I lose my Powercard?

Once you receive your Powercard from the Arcade in Indonesia, you are wholly responsible for its safekeeping. For instance, if you saved up your e-tickets after playing games for a long time, make sure to redeem it once they are already enough to purchase that major prize you have been eyeing. If you damage or lose the Powercard, you can replace it with a new one, but you can’t transfer the e-tickets. It is why you have to register your Powercard right away so that you can redeem your rewards even if you lost the card itself.

In the same vein, you cannot transfer the value of the card from one arcade branch to the next. First, you have to top-up the balance of your Powercard on another centre before you can get the e-ticket.

Each Powercard can be used in all Timezone arcade centres as long as there is a remaining balance on your credit. It makes it convenient because you do not have to pass through the counter to purchase tokens and proceed directly to playing your favourite arcade game.

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