Few of the Best iPhone Accessories That You Should Get In 2018 – Stay Upgraded

No matter how much you love your iPhone and how powerful it may seem, there are always few things that it can’t do. For instance, it can’t stream music when a room filled with people wants to listen to music. Can it power itself on a single charge for 3-4 days? Can it take close-up pictures of insects? Can it strap on to your forearm so that you can run along with the phone attached to your hand?

With the sheer amount of iPhone accessories in the market is rather alarming and interesting. You can’t imagine the way in which you can enhance your Apple smartphone and add different things to improve its functionality with the best accessories. From battery cases to waterproof wireless charging to portable battery chargers, you’ve got everything. If you wish to know about the best Apple gadgets also called ‘apple tillbehör”, you can take a close look at the remaining post.

#1. Alpha series Fast charge Charging Pa (Wireless)

Are you looking forward to getting a wireless charger for your brand new iPhone X? This is a small yet durable charging pad which is wireless and it powers up the device pretty fast. It has been tested and proved that this charging pad took just 2and half hours to fully charge an iPhone 8. The front portion of the pad will have a multipurpose smart light which lights up when the phone is charging. There is also an anti-skid design made of silicone which will not make you worry about the iPhone sliding from the pad.

#2. Nomad Rugged Cable

In case you’re adventurous and you are searching for an accessory which has the capability of withstanding all elements, the Rugged Cable can be a super durable one. This is not just resistant to dirt but it has also got sealed caps to keep off filth and dirt. The charger is armed with a lightning connector and also with a USB and it is also compatible with iPhone 5 to iPhone X. The liquid silicone rubber even wraps round the cable to keep it from fraying.

#3. Mpow selfie stick

This is one of the best selling selfie sticks which has got a 270-degree adjustable head which can capture the best shot no matter the way in which it is set. It has got a 31.5-inch length to which it can be extended. You can even fold it to 7.1 inches and hence it can be easily carried in your purse or backpack and sometimes even in your pocket. This gadget comes with a guarantee of 18 months and so if it gets damaged, you can claim a return.

#4. Tile Style

Tile is usually one of the most useful accessories for iPhone and we can bet that you haven’t yet used such a device. Tile is a Bluetooth tracker which is water-resistant which can be attached to any item like keys when you don’t want to lose it. In case you’re rushing out of the house every morning and during that time, you find out that the keys are missing, you can use the app on your iPhone and let the Tile play a tune through which you can locate the keys as soon as possible. It has got a 200fee range and has double the volume of Tile Slim and Mate.

#5. Rokform Pro Bike Mount and Case

If you’re a cyclist, you will love this gadget for your iPhone. This is simply mounted and made of aluminium which can be attached to the bike system. This can be tilted to 75 degrees and it is ideal when you’re using navigation Maps or the app called Strava. This has also got a rather protective iPhone case which locks in the phone securely and it can also be attached to car or motorcycles.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is all set to get the best gadgets for your iPhone, you can take into account the above-listed gadgets. Make sure you get them from the best possible store so that you get the most authentic gadget at the most competitive price.

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