Find out how Pristyn Care can get you rid of pilonidal cyst in a day

Pristyn Care has brought revolutionary treatment options as an alternative for traditional and painful surgeries for many diseases and conditions. Even a highly complicated and painful disease such as Pilonidal Cyst can be cured in just 30 minutes. With the pain-free Laser Surgery for Pilonidal Cyst, the patient can go back home the same day after the surgery and can comfortably carry out his normal routine right from the next day after the surgery.

Some patients decide to rest for a day or two after the surgery. But medically, the patient is fit and healthy to join his normal office schedule and participate in general errands of daily life after the laser surgery.

Laser Surgery for Pilonidal Cyst at Pristyn Care is a day care procedure. No need to take a long leave from your work and stay in the hospital for several days after the surgery! The patient is released after four to five hours after the surgery. No cuts or incisions are put after the laser treatment.

There is also no risk of infection in this case. Laser Surgery is a minimally invasive surgery with no surgical procedures used. There is also no blood loss during or after the treatment. The Laser Treatment is FDA approved and has no harm or side effects. There are no scars on the treated area even after the procedure.

What is Pilonidal Cyst?

Pilonidal Cyst is a small cyst, channel or hole infected or filled with pus, blood or other fluid just above the buttocks of an individual. The cyst contains pus, blood, hair, dirt, debris or other infected discharge.

The cyst is swollen and inflamed and appears as a depression on the skin eight around the tailbone. There can also be foul-smelling discharge or pus from the cyst.

This disease is very common among people with the schedule of sitting most of the hours during the day. Males and people with very hairy skin are more prone to this disease. Pilonidal cyst generally occurs due to punctured hair, frequent friction or rubbing of the skin, tight clothing, hormonal changes or imbalance.

The journey of a Patient with Pristyn Care.

After calling at Pristyn Care’s number or getting in touch with our medical advisors, the patient is asked about his current health state, symptoms he is observing, previous medical history and similar questions.

This is done to understand the case of the patient to provide the medical care and doctor required for the condition. An appointment is then set up with the concerned doctor as per the convenience of the patient.

The patient never has to wait for his appointment or OPD sessions at Pristyn Care. The doctor enquires about the symptoms and health of the patient in the first appointment.

The doctor then physically examines the condition and then the patient is told about his condition. If the disease is in initial stages, it can be cured with medications but in later stages, surgery is required to get rid of Pilonidal Sinus forever.

If the surgery is required, we try to schedule the earliest date for the surgery to the patient. The doctor firstly explains the whole procedure of Laser Surgery to the patient.

If the patient has a Health Insurance Policy, his treatment will be covered in that itself, depending on the type of surgery. On the day of the surgery, a cab and patient buddy are sent to the patient’s home to pick him up for the surgery. The surgery is then performed after giving general anesthesia to the patient.

The patient would feel no pain during the surgery. No pain or discomfort is experienced even after the surgery. The doctor gives a personalized diet and exercise chart for quick an easy recovery of the patient.

The patient is also given the schedule for free follow up appointments after the surgery.

Recurrence Rate of Pilonidal Cyst with Open surgery vs Laser Treatment.

The recurrence rate of pilonidal cyst after open surgery is as high as 22%. the patients get the surgery done in the hope that they will get a cure for the disease but in most cases of open surgery, the disease comes back soon, often with even worse symptoms and condition.

30% of patients undergoing the Primary Closure surgery complained about the recurrence of disease within a few months of the removal. 17% of the patients who had undergone excision procedure for pilonidal cyst observed symptoms of the disease even after getting a cure.

On the other hand, patients who chose Laser Surgery for removal of Pilonidal Cyst were happy with zero recurrence case so far! In laser treatment for Pilonidal Cyst, special laser energy is used to reduce and collapse the pilonidal sinus.

The recurrence rate of the disease after laser treatment is 2.9%, which makes it the best treatment for pilonidal sinus or cyst. There is no pain during the surgical procedure and even after the treatment.

How can you Prevent Pilonidal Cyst?

Although it is proven that pilonidal cyst does not affect the same person after the laser treatment, but the patient is still suggested to take preventive measures for a healthy and fit lifestyle. Such measures not only prevent pilonidal cyst but also reduces the risk of other anorectal diseases.

The patient is suggested to follow the doctor’s advice after the surgery. The doctors at Pristyn Care also give a specialized diet and exercise chart to each patient after the surgery. The patient is suggested to follow the doctor’s advice for a healthy and quick recovery.

The patient should not miss any follow-up appointments after the surgery and stay in touch with the doctor in case of any complications.

The hair growth is also reduced with the laser treatment for Pilonidal Cyst. Excessive body hair is a common cause of Pilonidal Cyst. The laser treatment reduces that risk. Laser surgery provides many long-term benefits as well.


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