Five Tips To Safer Mobile Banking

The rise of the internet has led to advancements in almost every aspect of our lives, flexible and 24/7 accessible and features are a boon indeed. But in no time, they can turn into a bane as well  make your mobile banking experiences 100% safe and secure:

#1. Protect your Device

Protection of the device is the first and foremost thing to do. Install good mobile security software and always keep it updated. Make sure that you update your app timely because your device is more prone to threats when you use the older versions of security apps and software. Keeping a backup is also mandatory when you want to experience safe mobile banking. In case of an unfortunate theft of the device, the backup can be used to retrieve the data.

#2. Set Strong PINs and Passwords

Protect your device with a password difficult to guess. Avoid predictable passwords like your mobile number and your birthdate. Also, don’t forget to set up a SIM card PIN. This will ensure that your SIM won’t be used in any other device. Many people avoid this task as they consider it to be a tedious one but that’s not the case. It is indeed a simple process.

Do not disclose your passwords and PINs to anyone. Do not store any sensitive data like your log-in details on your device. Keep such information stored somewhere safe. If you are going to get a new phone, make sure you clear all the data from your previous one. The best way to do that is to restore the factory settings.

#3. Use authentic bank apps

Every bank, not only the best national banks in your country have an app version of their online banking system these days. Remember to enter your details only after confirmation. Always remember to log out of the app or the website after using it.

#4. Stay away from the Online Scams

Scams are dreadful, and they are everywhere. Users need to be very alert all the time. Hackers do not have a predetermined way to attack. The trap could be an email, a random popped-up window,  or a fake banking app. Sometimes, they also pretend to be one of the representatives of your bank and ask you for your details. These are all just phishing attempts, and you must not fall for these hideous ways of stealing your precious logins and passwords. Never click on the links or the pop-ups because one click can transfer all the sensitive data to the hacker. Also, consider not making any banking transactions from non-trusted sites and applications. Call your bank and verify the information before clicking anything.

#5. Don’t connect to free public WiFi networks

Free WiFis can be a major to the name of a public Wi-Fi. Through this fake access point, the hacker can access all the data transmitted b

Towards safer banking experiences:

positives and negatives. Internet in the banking sector is a joy but neglecting the undesirable possibilities can be harmful.  Keep these tips in mind and have a safe and secure mobile banking experience.

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