Five Ways Surface Dock Makes Your Surface More Functional

Your Surface is your best partner for school, work, or online hobbies when you’re on the go. You can bring it in cafés, airport lobbies, or anywhere you fancy. But it’s a different story when you’re at home and you have all your peripherals at hand. Although the Surface comes with several ports, there are only so many devices it can accommodate.

Fortunately, there are Surface docking stations to save you from the trouble of unplugging and replugging devices. Connecting a dock instantly converts your Surface to a desktop and makes it generally more functional. How? Read on to find out.

Multitasking Made Possible

Two (or three) screens are better than one. With a Surface dock, you get all the room you need to connect a bigger monitor to help you multitask and keep track of all the sheets, documents, and windows you need to open. You can easily open and check your references on one screen while you write your report on another. Or read your emails in one and monitor analytics on the other. There’s no need to close or minimize one window to access a file or document or do something else on your computer.

Less Hassle, More Connectivity

When you have limited ports, it can be troublesome to unplug your mouse or keyboard to connect a printer or other peripheral devices. You would need to stop what you’re doing just to set up everything once again. If you have to do this often, it can eat up your time and break your momentum. With a handy Surface Book dock, you will have all the ports you would need, including Ethernet LAN, HDMI, USB, and more, for less hassle and more connectivity.

More Functionality on the Go

You don’t have to sacrifice functionality when you’re on the go. Many Surface dock stations are compact and travel-friendly. Whether you’re going to a local café or flying to another country, you can enjoy full use of your Surface and connect all the devices you need with a portable dock station. Bring the devices you’re most comfortable with—your preferred keyboard, mouse, headphones, and controllers—and use them wherever you go.

Organized Working Space

More peripherals mean more wires unless you’re using wireless devices. All these cables clutter your working space, which could disrupt your concentration and cause an accident that could lead to disaster (like accidentally unplugging one device and making you lose your work). Using a docking station helps keep your working space organized and minimizes the risk of mishaps because it consolidates the cables in one direction. You can also make more room for other stuff when you don’t have wires occupying most of the surface.

Increased Productivity and Creativity

Constantly setting up your workspace can cause frustration and ruin your focus. With a dock station, you can set up all the tools you need before you start so you don’t have to constantly stop, unplug, and replug your devices when you need them. You spend less time minding the little things and pour all your energy and concentration on your work. What’s more, you will have all the tools you need to unleash your creativity.

Final Takeaway

Flexibility and mobility are essential for modern-day workers, but often, functionality is sacrificed to get the two. You don’t need to experience that. If you want to use your Surface outside or at home, you can just plug in your trusty dock station and plug in all the devices you need to do your job better and help your computer do what you want it to. It won’t take up a lot of space on your desk and will make more room instead.

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