Four Ways to Make Your Corporate Event Fun

When most of us think of a good time, we think of the time we spend outside of the office. That’s why it’s easy to see why many us dread having to go to a corporate event. Seeing the same old people, including your superiors, on your time off is not exactly everyone’s idea of fun.

If you are in charge of putting together your corporate event, you may be wracking your brain to come up with ideas for making it fun so that your co-workers will actually look forward to attending. Well, if that is the case, here are some suggestions for an event that is sure to get everyone excited.

Location: Your location will be the first thing you want to consider when planning your corporate event. To make it as much fun as possible, you will definitely want to take it outside of the office. After all, no one wants to remind of their day to day responsibilities when they are looking to have an enjoyable time.

Start by thinking of what you want to do with your event. If you choose an outdoor location, with sports-related activities that inspire some friendly competition between the employees, a park can be the perfect spot for your party. If you are thinking of having entertainment, be sure your location provides a stage or PA.

Sometimes the spot itself can provide its own sense of fun. Great food in an elegant or casual restaurant can make for a fun time. Or maybe take the group to a bowling alley or laser tag facility for some immersive good times.

Finally, be sure the spot works well for your workers. It shouldn’t be too far from where most of them live and it should be wheelchair accessible so that it comfortably accommodates everyone. Dealing with inconveniences is never fun!

The Entertainment: If you have decided to bring in outside entertainment to bring the fun to your party, there several options to consider. Comedians and magicians are great suggestions for entertainment, and you may even have employees who are willing to come up and try their hand at wowing the crowd.

Music is another great option. Cover bands or deejays are great for getting everyone on the dance floor and having a good time. If you are going for something a little out of the box, Brass Animals’ cover bands play jazzed up versions of your favorite pop and hip hop tunes.

And if you want to get even a bit more outside the box, break dancers, celebrity impersonators, graffiti artists and cirque shows are other terrific suggestions.

Food: Let’s face it, everyone loves great food. When thinking of the food you will be serving, be sure there is a wide variety so that those with dietary restrictions won’t go home hungry.

Once you have that underway… the sky is the limit. For early morning occasions, a waffle bar can be a terrific option. You can also have food trucks on hand for a fun and trendy way to serve your guests.

And, of course, no event is complete without sweets. Think of getting snow cones or a make your own smores station to up the fun factor.

Activities: The activities you have planned for the guests at your corporate event are perhaps the most important thing to consider in keeping it fun. If you are having an outdoor event like a barbecue or picnic, initiating friendly competition can be ideal. Tug of wars, three-legged racing and obstacle courses can be perfect for encouraging teamwork, getting silly and keeping things light.

If you are doing something a bit more elegant and nighttime oriented, a photo booth is perfect for keeping your guests entertained while providing a way for them to capture great memories. Trivia games can be another great way for employees to bond and work together in an out of the office atmosphere.  A customizable swag table will allow employees to pick out items they are sure to love.

If you are in charge of your corporate party, you want to provide your co-workers with an event that is anything but lifeless and dull. Up the fun factor with great food, lively entertainment, immersive activities and an ideal location. This will guarantee that your guests will have their minds on having fun and that thoughts of Monday morning will be far away.

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