Four Ways to Manage Stress in the Workplace

Stress is an inevitable part of life, but too much of it to the point of being chronic can cause harmful effects to both the body and the mind. According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, work is a top source of stress to 65 percent of Americans, and the unfortunate thing is that only 37 percent of these people are confident that they are managing work stress effectively.

While you can’t always avoid the tensions that occur in the workplace, there are always steps that you can take to control your stress on the job and ultimately avoid the terrible consequence of a burnout.

Time Allocation and Goal Setting

Stress at work may come from feeling lost and overwhelmed with too many tasks at hand. Counter this pressure by setting time frames and realistic goals for yourself. Setting goals that you can do for the day, within the month, or over the year can help you gain control and feel directed.

If you keep wandering in your tasks long enough, chances are that you will only be producing more and more stress. If you are feeling overloaded with work, learn to schedule each task. Better yet, learn to say no from time to time.

Resorting to Healthy Measures

It’s easy to try to fight stress by binging on fast food or alcohol, but there are healthy choices you can make to lower the tension and lift your mood.  Aerobic exercise, for instance, can effectively increase energy, boost focus, and promote relaxation, as it makes you sweat and raises your heart rate.

Even simple rhythmic activities, such as walking, running, or dancing, can soothe the nervous system. If you can’t fit such exercises in your schedule, at least spare a few minutes to stroll outside the office to help you release stress.

Establish Communication

Talking it out is one easy way to blow off steam and regain your sense of control. Having a good support system at work can do great wonders in busting stress at work. If you feel like you don’t have any friends at work, now is the time to get chummy with your coworkers and build new friendships.

For employers, you can help ease the tension within the workplace by consulting your employees directly and individually, particularly on how they are doing with their jobs. Aside from listening to their concerns, valuing their decisions and input regarding their jobs can help employees reignite their purpose.

Tackling Mental Health and Other Health Concerns

Today, many employers still effectively address mental health issues in the workplace, which is a common source of stress among employees. As a business owner, help your employees feel valued by taking concern on their overall health.

An example is to host wellness talks, where employees can listen to health experts discuss health issues and what employees can do to achieve or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Another way is sponsor health screenings and administer certain drug tests so employees can know their current health status and be easily referred to appropriate health services that can help manage their situation. That being said, employers should observe legal and ethical procedures and maintain the confidentiality of employees’ exam results and health conditions.

Always Show Support

While battling stress is the worker’s individual endeavor, employers also have the responsibility to ensure that their employees are satisfied and comfortable with their jobs. This can be achieved through a supportive culture and a management that is sensitive enough to employees’ needs.

Employees’ well-being should be at the top of employers’ concerns, and that is not limited to physical safety within the office parameters. An employee’s emotional and psychological well-being is equally important in combating stressors at work.

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