Four Ways to Savvy up on Security

They say that a person’s home is their castle, and it is probably true that everybody wants to feel safety akin to being in a castle when they are at home. But is that a reality that can actually exist? Or more specifically, is it a reality that can exist without it being made to feel like you are living in a prison. As much as the bars are there to keep people out, they also create the feeling of keeping you trapped inside. The answer is that it can be done and that with a little bit of thought and planning it is actually very easy. Here are some tips to get you on your way.


The days of old-school burglar alarms are a thing of the past. It is now all about external, motion sensing, perimeter beams which are linked to local security companies in Brisbane or any other of the cities around the country. These beams are able to detect intruders long before they get close enough to be able to break a window or even to try and sneak a peek inside. Once triggered they sound an alarm which not only sends the intruder running before anything bad has happened, they also bring the armed response people, making your home a place that no burglar wants to be.


Dogs are obviously well known as guard animals and if ever you are worried about security, they are well worth investing in. Not only are they man’s best friend they are also good at keeping unwanted elements away. A dog strategy that has animals living both indoors and out is a great way to go. If the big dogs living outside are somehow neutralized there is still the second wave to get past inside. Dogs are super territorial and attached to the families that they protect and with multiple animals on site they develop a pack mentality that is hard to overcome.

Alternative pets

We have already covered dogs and it goes without saying that they are great deterrents. It’s probably also fair to say though that most intruders will have dealt with dogs before. So, what about animals that will throw them a little off their game? How about geese which are both territorial and aggressive. Or snakes, which just leave most people terrified. You don’t necessarily need to have these animals present on the property, just a warning sign which suggests their presence is probably enough to send potential burglars around the corner to a less daunting mark.

Clear bars

Old school burglar bars can make a house feel very much like a prison. New generation plastic bars are very easy to install and very difficult, dare we say impossible, to break. They also come with the benefit of not obscuring your views. In fact, they are almost invisible from both the inside and out – which is a real winning solution and one which serves the same purpose as the more traditional metal bars, but which is a whole lot easier on the eye.

Asheer Raza
Asheer Raza
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