Funny Wifi Names for SSID – Cool, Best, and Awesome Names

Are you Looking for Cool, Best or Funny Wifi Names for your Network SSID? We bring an amazing list of cool, best and funny wifi names for you to choose from.

We are living in an imaginative world where people would want to make their Wifi names funny and entertaining. You might have different intentions for the same, probably to see the reactions of people while others are meant to stand out of the group of Wifi networks available.

An excellent SSID might give a brief moment of leisure for strangers when searching for connectable network. It can also serve as a discussion starter when your friends are around. These names can be configured on your router or when providing mobile hotspot to your friends and family members.

We have stated some of the best, funny, cool and awesome WiFi names you can start with to embrace the fun of your router identity.

Funny WiFi Names For Your Network SSID

Most people are used to putting their real name as a wireless name. We are all used to seeing different names of Wifi networks and using a real name makes you common since everyone is used to it. Have you ever tried the funny WiFi names?

Changing your current Wifi name into a hilarious Wifi name can really make your neighbor laugh once they see your funny Wifi network SSID on their list. People like seeing excellent Wifi names that are catchy. Here, we’ve shared 30 funny WiFi names you can set for your Wifi router.

  1. Funny, It Worked Last Time
  2. Do not join! Virus Detected!
  3. Go home scavengers
  4. Mom, use this one
  5. Move along children
  6. Satan rocks my socks
  7. Password is Password
  8. Covet not thy neighbor’s Wifi
  9. Free Virus Wifi
  10. Connection Lost
  11. Grant Me Access 2 Your Device
  12. Connect and Die Thief
  13. Free for one day
  14. Titanic LAN syncing
  15. Network error, please try again
  16. Yell “back off!” to know password
  17. Watching the watchers
  18. Hack if you can
  19. I dare you to connect
  20. VIP ONLY
  21. FBI Surveillance Van 6
  22. That’s what she SSID
  23. Mi-Fi, not your-fi
  24. Feeling naughty
  25. The LAN of the Free
  26. At your own risk pal
  27. Normal Charges Apply
  28. Click here to win
  29. U can beg kid, but you can’t steal
  30. Pay before you surf

Best WiFi Names

Sometimes you can change the name of your Wifi router with the intention of delivering a powerful message to your neighbors or acquaintances. Here are some of the best WiFi names that are pointed at enduring out from the masses.

  1. Top Secret Wifi
  2. Reformatting hard drive in progress
  4. Access Denied
  5. Boomerang
  6. This is Not Free Either
  7. If you know the password
  8. Blocked Access
  9. Airplane Mode
  10. Ask to join networks
  11. Unknown Device
  12. Virus Distribution Center
  13. Abraham Linksys
  14. SkyNet
  15. VirusInstaller
  16. BlackBriar
  17. Cartoon Network
  18. RobertPlant
  19. LANmine
  20. Password-WiFi
  21. AOL dial-up
  22. GrowHouse
  23. The Silence of the LANS
  24. KungFuPanda
  25. DarkKnight
  26. ?????????
  27. 404 network unavailable
  28. Optimus Prime
  29. Malware Repository
  30. Very Slow Wifi

cool wifi names

Cool WiFi Names

Some individuals like the best WiFi names and cool WiFi names they can use for their new router. Many times you have enjoyed seeing how Wifi names can be witty or become funny wifi names. You might also consider standing out from the rest by incorporating cool SSID name to your router. If you were looking for some of the coolest Wifi names for your router then you are in the right place! Here is a collection list of 30 cool WiFi names for your router and network SSID.

  1. It’s not always free dude
  2. Wifight the inevitable?
  3. Out of order, try later
  4. NSA Drone #6
  5. Nothing to see here pal
  6. Click this one
  7. Welcome to your Doom
  8. 2fast4u
  9. LazyBum
  10. Homelesswifi
  11. JeeperCreeper
  12. Want free Wifi?!?!
  13. LAN solo
  14. Hitler was right
  15. Press Alt+F4 2 establish connection
  16. NSA listening post
  18. Agentsmith
  19. Netflix streaming!
  20. I got an iFun 8
  21. Under maintenance
  22. Get lost visitor
  23. Backtrack
  24. Uncrackable
  25. Not free, Use 3G
  26. Duracell Bunny Arrested
  27. The Creep Next Door
  28. Unsecured Wifi
  29. The Dark Knet
  30. 6thSenseRouterWifi

Awesome WiFi Names

Another reason for providing your Wifi label a thoughtful name is because you want to cheer those who try to access your Wifi network. There are awesome WiFi names you can use when setting up your Wifi or hotspot credentials. Not only does it make your Wifi conspicuous but also makes it entertaining for your friends, family or other people around the network. Below are the top 30 awesome WiFi names you can use for your new router or network SSID name.

  1. Target guest Wifi
  2. Tsunami
  3. Horizon Wi-Free
  4. <Hidden Network>
  5. WirelessNet
  6. PRIVATE Wifi network
  7. ConnectionPoint
  8. Freebox
  9. Airlive Wifi
  10. Owner-PC Network
  11. CORP
  12. Beeline-WiFi
  13. MINE
  14. OutOfService
  15. Redwood
  16. Repeater
  17. GlobalSuiteWireless
  18. Ask4 Wireless
  19. NetCore
  20. GoogleGuest
  21. Speedy Instant WiFi
  22. COBRA
  23. Timewarnercablewifi
  24. The Golden Tree
  25. Intellinet
  26. <Any SSID>
  27. McDonalds Free WiFi
  28. The Penthouse
  29. THE BOSS
  30. Stargate

 Other WiFi Names

There are many other Wifi names you can use in your network SSID to initiate different expressions in people who try to access your Wifi network. You also need to consider the options out of the box as they pertain to best WiFi names. They can be used to scare or entertain those who want to access your WiFi connection. Here are other Wifi names you can use for your router or network SSID.

  1. Sonicwall
  2. Rainbow
  3. Saturn
  4. WLAN-Guest
  5. WLAN-Zone
  6. HelloWireless
  7. WiFipass
  8. Snoopy
  9. Pandora’s Box
  10. Royal WiFi
  12. GNet
  13. GOLD
  14. RoadRunner
  15. PetPadParty
  16. FRITZ!Box WLAN 3030
  17. PassPoint Secure
  18. WLAN Home
  19. Stayonline
  20. EnGenius
  21. Butterfly
  22. Chromecast
  23. Valhalla
  24. TANetRoaming
  25. SpeedPort
  27. GetNet
  28. Global Wifi network
  29. The Courtyard
  30. WesternDigital

Importance of WiFi Name

The Wifi network SSID of your router has nothing to do with its public hotspot functionality the fact that your router may be used as a public hotspot. The hotspot network is usually separate from your home network and may have a designated name such as Verizon Wifi or xfinitywifi.

A home router is a gateway to all connected wireless devices for internet usage and the communication between the devices is present on the same network. Using the best Wifi names can help distinguish your home Wifi from other Wifi networks. Rather than using your real name, most people prefer using labels that are awesome, cool and funny.

Funny WiFi names are used when you want to impress your family and friends. Cool WiFi names or clever WiFi names alert or warn the hackers that they can never use the device. Awesome WiFi names create a sudden smile on a person’s face once it shows up on their list. You can always choose your favorite SSID name based on the intention you want to give your viewers, family or friends.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wifi Network SSID

There are a few essential guidelines you need to consider whether you choose to use one of the SSIDs above or create something else of your own.

  • Aim for an SSID name that is unique but can be remembered easily.
  • Your SSID name should be totally different and shouldn’t relate to the network password.
  • Avoid very provocative SSIDs that might compromise your network to be a prime target for hackers.
  • Never include any personal information such as apartment number, address, real name or birthdate as you can be a victim of identity theft.
  • Make a solid network password that combines capital letters, small letters, numbers and other special characters such as #, @, or *.

Once you have considered all these tips at heart, then you should not worry about any other security risks.


You can easily get a perfect WiFi name for your router or SSID network using the list of the best WiFi names we have highlighted above. Bear in mind the tips to consider when choosing a network SSID. It is very ironic to use a WiFi name such as “You can’t hack me” and yet someone else can do that very perfectly. A strong network password incorporates capital letters, small letters, numbers and special characters. This makes it difficult for anyone to crack the code and use your WiFi freely.

Awesome, cool and funny WiFi names create a hilarious expression on people viewing your network name on their list. Try to imagine the laughter or shock your creepy neighbor will have when they come across a strange WiFi name that belongs to you. You can always share this list with your friends if you think it would cheer them up. Try to blow off their minds with the ‘OMG’ look as they try to access your wireless network.

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