G Suite or Office 365: Which is the Best for My Business?

Many business owners are still undecided on whether or not to choose Office 365 or G Suite for their business. In fact, this may be one of the most debated topics today since the two are the most popular cloud-based tools that enhance work productivity. Some of the most popular apps found in both of them are Calendar, Email, Sheets, Slides, Docs, and cloud-based storage.

In this article, you will learn the difference between the products from the price to their pros and cons, and probably help you choose what’s best for your business. Let’s start!

What do they do actually?

Both G Suite and Office 365 are a haven for business owners as the apps offered by Google and Microsoft enhances the work productivity of any company. These two allow you to perform and save work on the cloud. There is a need for Office 365 apps to be installed while G Suite apps may be accessed and utilized through the web browser.

Just in case the cloud thing is new to you, it’s actually working and saving your files remotely — using Google or Microsoft’s servers instead of taking up too much of your disk space.

How do they differ in pricing and what do I get in the plans?

With G Suite, the plans are pretty much easy to choose from. They only have 3 plans which include:

Basic – This plan is at $5 for every user per month and you’ll get a business email address, a secure chat room with Google Hangouts, 30 GB for online file syncing and sharing, shared online calendar, docs, spreadsheet, presentations, admin control over security, and 24/7 support just in case something comes up.

Business – This plan costs $10 per user per month. Aside from those in the Basic plan, you will also get tools that require not so hardcore coding. You get 1 terabyte storage for 5 users (unlimited terabytes for more than 5 users), and emails can be archived as well. You can choose whether your data is stored in the US, Europe, Asia region, and some reports or audit insights for files for sharing that are available in Google Drive.

Enterprise – This is the most expensive plan, which costs $25 for every user. On top of what Basic and Business plans can offer, you get advanced admin control features for your accounts’ security, prevention features from email and files data, third-party tools integration, and some additions in the reporting through analytics tool.

Based on users, the most enticing feature in the plans is the storage that you can get. Documents, spreadsheets, and presentations made by you and others that have been shared with you do not take up the storage space.

On the other hand, there’s Microsoft Office 365. The said cloud-based storage provider has more complicated pricing options as there are Home, Enterprise, Business, and Education plans available. For Business and Enterprise plans, there is Business Essentials at $5 per user per month, the Business plan at $8.25, Business Premium at $12.50, Enterprise E1 at $8, Enterprise Pro Plus at $12, Enterprise E3 at $20, and Enterprise E5 at $35.

Here are some of the things worth noting:

  • All plans offered by Office 365 require a year of commitment, unlike G Suite that you can purchase monthly just in case there are changes in the number of users every now and then.
  • Business plans have a maximum limit of 300 users. The Enterprise plans, on the other hand, provide an unlimited number of users.
  • Not all of the plans Microsoft Office 365 offers provides you with an email account.


If we’re talking about storage, Office 365 clearly wins. It offers a massive 1 TB with Business Essentials compared to G Suite’s Basic plan which only features 30 GB of storage. However, if you would want to upgrade to G Suite’s Business plan, that will beat up Office 365’s 1 terabyte offer as long as you have more than 5 users (since it offers unlimited storage for that case.)

Aside from that, Office 365’s Business plan feature offers 50 GB for email on top of the 1 terabyte data storage allocation. G Suite’s basic plan only offers 30 GB – all files and emails included.


We hope this article helped you decide whether Microsoft Office 365 or G Suite is best for your business. Although there are still other cloud-based providers, these two are just the most popular because of what they have to offer. By leaving a G Suite review, you can comment about the issues and benefits of using the product so that in the future, changes can be made to assure that you only receive the benefits.

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