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Before I start, yes I know March Madness is still a long way off. But if you’re a basketball fan like me, you probably follow everything that’s basketball – during and offseason. If you ask me, that’s the best way to prepare for every next March Madness. To honor the excitement, I decided to check out how to satisfy your basketball cravings all the year around besides the classic TV broadcasts. I do go to YouTube to check highlights every now and then, but I wanted to find more interactive ways to get all the basketball updates I need. Another passion of my is tech, so I came to an idea to google apps that might help me (and possibly you) with staying in touch everything related to basketball.

After some obvious searches, I found an interesting top list of best 10 March Madness apps.

Some of the apps were not specifically related just to March Madness, so I decided to pick out 3 of them and review in hopes of helping you.

Up-to-date news with NCAA Sports

The first one I tried out is called NCAA Sports. Since I’m writing about not just how to follow March Madness, but college sports all-around, this one seemed like the most obvious choice. And it looks like my hunch was right. The app provides a user-friendly coverage of the latest news for college football, soccer, and all other NCAA sports. But what surprised me the most is that you can follow the action with live-streaming coverage right on your phone. Finally, as a nice bonus, you get access to the latest articles from NCAA’s top sports writers with just a few taps! I only read a couple of them, but they seemed good.

The downside of this app is it sacrifices the classic NCAA March Madness game analysis and in-depth, behind the scenes information. So far, I wasn’t able to find any stuff like that, which would definitely be a nice overall bonus. So if you want an app that gives a lot of everything, but not the complete cake, this one is good. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll certainly satisfy most of your March Madness craving, just not everything. But worth checking out, nonetheless.

Predict the season’s winners with ESPN Tournament Challenge

This app by ESPN is a bit different. I’d even say it takes March Madness experience to a different level! Just to be clear, it’s different, not better so this might be for some people, but not for others. What ESPN Tournament Challenge provides is the ability to compete with your friends and other fans to see who can predict the winners of the season. It doesn’t even matter if you are a basketball fan or not. Everyone can join in the fun. I even managed to talk a friend into who isn’t even a sports fan. Although, to be honest, he wasn’t very excited. The up-to-date information on teams’ past performances and scores provides a great way to make predictions and make everything even more fun. Oh, just so I don’t forget, you can also check other players predictions.

Now, the reason why I decided to include this app is that it provides a different way to enjoy basketball. Besides being just a passive bystander, you can actually feel the rush as if you’re the one making the decision on the field. So I believe this is a great addition to the regular tools you use to follow basketball.

Experience the action with NCAA March Madness Live

Finally, the last one is dead simple. It’s the official March Madness app and if you’re all about those 6 weeks, then you’re in luck. As I said, it’s simple. NCAA March Madness Live brings the action to you with live coverage of every March Madness game just as if you were in the frontlines. Unlike the other two, you get college basketball exclusive game highlights, in-depth analysis, behind the scenes and so on – whatever floats your football boat. So, if you’re a fan who lives for that time of the year, look no further.

The app is extremely well made so I could only find one possible flaw that might not bother a lot, but some of you might find it off-putting – the app is subscription based. You do get first 3 hours for free, but the rest you got to pay. But I am aware this isn’t what you’d call a classic app flaw. So it all comes to your decision.

These were my top 3 choices to stay on top of the latest scores, news, and game updates anywhere, anytime and be a part of the basketball season rush. I find it amazing how you can get live-stream matches right on your phone and have fun making your predictions for this season’s winners! This way, March Madness experience truly becomes an all-year experience. I personally, as a basketball fan, couldn’t be happier. Hope you’ll like it too.

Asheer Raza
Asheer Raza
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