Getting Employees on Board with Time Tracking Software

For employers, time tracking software just makes sense.

For any company with employees, keeping an accurate account of workers’ time is important. An up-to-date time management system can ensure accuracy, and improve accountability. It can help to slash the amount of time spent on payroll and automate many once-time-intensive tasks. It can also reduce errors on invoices and paychecks –reducing processing costs up to 80 percent.

But while the benefits of time tracking software are clear to any business owner when it comes to your workforce –your team may be less likely to embrace a new time tracking system –and skeptical about the benefits that it will offer. But getting your team on board with your new system is important –you’ll want to have to full cooperation of your staff when implementing any changes, and when it comes to time tracking software, this is certainly the case.

If you’re considering time clock software for your business, here are some ways that you can make the transition to a new system a positive time, ensuring that your team is on board, and ready to use the new software.

Explain the Benefits

One of the best ways to help your team come to terms with the new software is by filling them in on the benefits that a new time tracking system will offer them.

    • Flexibility
      A new, updated time tracking system can help to make life easier for your team. Many time tracking systems today allow workers to sign in and check their schedules, as well as manage their time-off requests or allow them to swap shifts with coworkers. Helping to simplify, and expedite requests that would have once required them to have a back-and-forth dialog with the scheduling department or management.
    • Accountability
      Many workers may be nervous about a new time tracking system, because they may feel that it shows that the management lacks confidence in them. And with a reported 19 percent of employees participating in time theft by clocking coworkers in or out, it’s little wonder that companies want to ensure accountability. But time tracking software doesn’t just help to prevent overpayment –it also ensures that workers are, in fact, paid for their hours worked, taking into account overtime –and ensuring accountability on all sides.
    • Accuracy
      Time tracking software ensures accuracy on behalf of both the employee and the employer and improves the billing process –and estimate accuracy as well. For workers who are paid commission, it also simplifies the process of time tracking on specific jobs, no need for workers to try to keep track of their hours manually.


One of the biggest areas of concern, when changes are made in the workplace, is the learning curve. While the learning curve for automated time tracking software is very short, you’ll still want to take the time to walk your team through the new process, showing them how simple it really is. Make sure you do this on-the-clock to ensure that workers are paid for the time they spend learning how to use a new tool.

Thank Them

It takes time for anyone to get used to a new system. Consider offering small tokens of thanks to your workers, for being excellent team players. Thanking your team with gift cards or a small bonus will go a long way toward helping them to feel more positive about the change.

Keep Them Informed

It’s important to keep your employees up to date with developments that concern them. In most cases, you’ll want to avoid springing last-minute changes on them. With time tracking software, try to give your workers notice, so they know what to expect.

Finally, keep in mind that your team’s response to the new software hinges on how their company morale is. If your team feels valued and respected, they’ll be far more likely to take a positive view of new software –and will be willing work with you to ensure that the implementation process is as seamless as possible.

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