Have You Heard? Legal Issue Is Your Best Bet to Grow

What does your mind jump upon when you hear about the news of regulated US visa policies or of the human rights issues restricting some groundbreaking clinical trials in one way or the other? A fair amount of the population immediately starts trailing the background story and other highlighted essentials of the event while only a handful of peeps prefer to take the highway of going through the legal entailing of such events. This piece is a concise compilation of the points that highlight the importance of legal issues in the overall development and growth of an individual.

Law: Then & Now

Law is specific and compelling by its nature

(Hafızoğulları, 2002:19)

Since the nationalist era of 18th & 19th century, the law has been the omnipotent governing force among the citizens and the authorities that ensure a smooth flow of daily life barring the entry of exploitation, corruption, and injustice among the people. From western nations to the Asian countries, every revolutionary movement was led by a law-abiding citizen who refused to bow down before the atrocities of unlawful wills. Whether it’s Karl Marx, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Deborah Samson, or any other nationalist for that matter, the main aim of everyone remained to provide with a state of equality and legitimacy. This legacy lives on in the form of various laws that ensure equality in living and working conditions, education, healthcare and retirement plans, and so on.

Law: Need or Necessity?

There are several types of legal issues like a car accident, auto injury, Uber Accidents etc. A question that has been lurking around us is how valid is the legitimacy of the rules of law. Is it necessary to have a law or is it just a jotted down manifestation of a set moral code? While such questions demand a profound understanding of the mind and soul, the present set of laid down rules press on the necessity of developing compassion and respect for one another. The year span of 2015-2017 has particularly witnessed some of the jaw-dropping reforms in the world including the resurrection of white supremacy policy in the US to the legalization of female driving in Saudi Arabia.

Though such issues seem far-fetched and people live under the impression that it does not concern them, the reality reveals the embracement of ‘ignorance is bliss’ policy among the commoners has comprehensively led to some of the major historical events of the past 3 years. An internal conflict in the political and sociological ideologies have been the key factor in such scenarios, for instance, the H-1B visa suspension of 2017 under Mr. Donald Trump, revoking the administrative rule of his predecessor-Mr. Barack Obama. Has it not been the laid down laws of various nations including the US, UK, India, & UAE, there would have been a political turmoil and a humanitarian distress across the globe.

Law & Legitimacy

While it is easy to read out the laws and rights on the required occasions, staying assured of its credibility and legitimacy on the issue is a whole another dimension. As is clear from various instances of Residuary Non-Banking Company, customs law, import-export rules, healthcare and insurance policies- creating a secured life-plan isn’t the issue, it’s the wayward behavior of its legitimacy that one should be aware of.

Substantiating the instance of Cryptocurrency investments, investing in your talent of mobilizing resources and securing investment returns through an intangible mode isn’t illegal. However, streaming these investments into the traditional economic flow, that too through a decentralized system, is what irks the commanding will of the authorities.

Working on the same lines of investment banking, RNBCs have seen an eye-to-eye with the governing bodies, owing to its modus operandi of collecting cash deposits from consumers with the promise of high-returns through the investment of those deposits in other active productive areas. Once again, its legitimacy is challenged when the authorities can’t find a stability in the investment returns sources of the RNBCs.

The Last Words

Endorsing the credibility of legal issue and its widespread applicability would be like adding a tumbler of water in the ocean. Though the legal system remains active and at par with the latest situation developments, it is solely for its citizens to amplify its essence of bringing equality and serving justice. From securing human rights to environmental protection, accessorizing legal issues and its solutions has been proven to be an added jewel in the oasis of knowledge in the recent times.

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