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Cell Towers are a part of the complicated industry of Mobile Service Providers. Hiring a consultant when it comes to negotiating with wireless carrier companies who are interested in renting your property would be the best thing to do. There are a lot of ways that you can get cheated out of your agreement. Remember that these businessmen have the company’s interest in their mind, not yours. That is why, as a counterattack, you should hire someone who has your interest in mind and will negotiate in favor of you on the Tower Lease Agreement.

The Purpose of A Cell Tower Consultant

The assistance of a Cell Tower Consultant is valuable. There are a lot of both tangibles and intangibles that hiring one would bring. Carrier Companies have a whole team of professionals experts at their disposal, diligently looking out for them with the carrier’s interest in mind. It would be the best then, if you have someone that would be looking out for your interests like a Tower Lease Consultant.  A consultants expertise at your disposal will be vital for getting more favourable terms during negotiations with the carriers. This is better than handling things on your own.

Carrier Companies know that their industry is obscure and the tricks of the trade are not common knowledge. This makes them confident enough to offer you terms that will screw you over in the long run. A good Cell Tower Consultant will make sure that he gets you better terms like protection of your assets, protection of your rights as a landlord, structural and electrical insurance, potential increase in revenue options, etc.

What a Cell Tower Consultant Can Do for You

Negotiators from wireless carriers can and will overwhelm you with data, information and nonsensical terms to get you to sign in favor of them. This is where the guidance of a Cell Tower Consultant comes in. During negotiation, Cell Tower Consultants are guaranteed to get you better rates and terms than you can on your own. With their knowledge and expertise, you can rest assured that you are protected from getting cheated out on your lease. This also protects you from unethical clauses cheekily hidden in the fine print.

If you’ve been approached by those interested in a lease buyout or if you’re about to enter negotiations, it is recommended that you consult with the experts first. Your Cell Tower Consultant will tell you the actual value of your property and negotiate a fair and reasonable rate on your behalf.

Your consultant will provide invaluable aid with a renewal of a lease. There are many variables that will affect rates. Even though you got a good rent price during your first contract. This doesn’t guarantee that you will still get a good price during the renewal stage. Companies can cite various reasons like Interference, lowered population, etc that makes your property less valuable in their eyes. A Consultant will ensure that they don’t lowball you as much.

Understanding  A Lease

An average landlord is likely not going to possess all the skills in their skills-pool, required by a cell tower lease. Standard leases consist of lengthy documents that are several pages long. As I mentioned above, one trick of the trade for these wireless companies is to overwhelm you with so much information that you miss out a few hidden clauses that are entirely on their favor but bad for you and your property. This document also covers areas that are quite tedious for the average person like access easements, construction drawings, all the terms and conditions. Etc. In a nutshell, all the nuts and bolts will be accounted for.

Initially, the carrier will present a document that are several pages long. This is a comprehensive document that has all the agreed upon terms. Renewals tend to be shorter, usually only including the changes made and the duration of the renewal.

The lease is a complex document, so there are a few things you need to pay attention to, such as; duration of a lease, who’s responsible for insurance, structural maintenance, liabilities and risks, the modus operandi of a renewal and or termination. As repeated several times the guidance of a consultant will be invaluable, navigating all these implications. Remember that a signed lease can hold in court. Not following all the signed terms, no matter how unethical, can get you a court order and worse. It is always better to negotiated before the signing and not after.

Variables That Can Affect Your Lease Rates

Landlords that have little to no experience with Cell Tower Lease Agreements are usually mauled over by negotiators from Wireless Carrier Companies. They will lose by a long shot when it comes to negotiation — a situation that will never happen to a consultant.

Supply and Demand are basic economic terms that drive the entire market. Your property gets its value depending on how useful it would be for wireless carrier companies. For example, the more customers they have in your area, the better. The presence of Interference can also affect the price of your property. Hire a consultant to assess that true value of your property so you know how much you should really ask for it.

Another issue that can affect your lease rate is if construction will include high costs. Hence why carriers and tower companies are extremely cautious, because the location is vital.

What Could Happen Without a Consultants Guidance

The whole DIY aesthetic is admirable but not when you’re about to enter negotiations with regards to a Tower Leasing Agreement. It would simply be unwise. Think of it like this. You will be fighting a war against experienced veterans with full troops, tanks, cannons and even perhaps a nuclear bomb. Meanwhile, there’s you who will be carrying a knife, all alone, swinging blindly hoping to get at least one favourable agreement. Although reasons can be valid to justify forgoing the use of a consultant, such as saving money or perhaps you think you’re already an expert on the subject, it is still risky. Having access to the expertise and knowledge that an active consultant possesses will prove to be invaluable. A consultant will raise diplomatic negotiations that will provide peace instead of war in your negotiations. He will give you the terms that you want and more while also satisfying the wireless companies enough that they don’t look for another.

There have been many who went into war with only a knife. Most of these negotiations did not go well and filled them with regret and a contract filled with unfavourable terms that they might as well be giving money to the wireless carriers instead of getting money from them. One common mistake they make is not recognising the opportunity to gain more revenue, simply because they were inexperienced and was not aware of said opportunity.

By now the message is pretty clear, hire a consultant. You won’t regret it and rest assured that future negotiations can go more favourably for you.

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