House Security: A Major Concern for Many Residents

Did you know that over 200,000 burglaries are committed in Australia every year? Statistics from the Australian Institute of Criminology also say that 20% of houses that were burgled in the past are broken into more than once. Moreover, this year, about one out of every 40 houses is estimated to be burgled in Australia.

According to an article from The Guardian, the following are the most common items taken in home burglaries:

  • Jewellery
  • Cash
  • Laptops
  • Cameras
  • Mobile phones
  • Wallets
  • TV
  • Credit Cards
  • Watches
  • Stereo/Audio Equipment
  • Power Tools
  • Video/DVD Players

Indeed, these days, security has become a major concern for many home owners. Needless to say, it has become necessary for us to find ways to secure our home.

Effective Ways to Secure your House

Above our possessions, we consider our family as our most prized treasures. Of course, the first thing that we have to do when we want to protect them is to secure our house. The following are some of the items you can install to improve your home security.

1) Secure and Heavy-Duty Locks

Once you move into a new house, you have to remember to change the locks. When you do so, make sure you find two-cylinder, key-operated deadlocks and install them to all hinged external doors. You can also opt for a door knob with a ‘dead latch’ mechanism that resists forced entries via credit cards. Choosing high-quality strong padlocks can also be overwhelming if you don’t know the types and brands that work best for you. It is recommended that you take time to visit a reliable tools review page such as bestofmachinery.com before purchasing.

2) Security Screens for Windows and Doors

Many think that security screens are only for flies and insects. However, good quality ones can also deter burglary attempts. Security screens for windows and doors are highly durable and strong and they definitely add a certain degree of protection. You can also find security doors that are built to resist knife attacks and fire.

3) Security Alarm Systems

If you’re searching for one of the best options for securing your home then that would be to install a home alarm system. With this installed and activated, authorities can be notified immediately about dangers. You can even deter burglary attempts by simply putting up a signage that says you have an alarm system.

4) CCTV Cameras

When you have surveillance cameras in your home, you can react appropriately in the event of a break-in attempt. These cameras notify you that someone’s trying to break into your home. Moreover, you can also use the recorded video as an evidence of the crime committed. You can use this when the time comes that you decide to bring the crime to justice.

5) Motion Detectors

You can also install motion detectors on your doors and windows as an added layer of security for your house. Once intruders touch your doors or windows, you will immediately be notified through alarming sounds. Don’t forget to choose a motion detector with customizable sensitivity. In this way, it won’t be activated when animals walk by.

6) Garage Doors

It is worth noting that valuable tools and even cars can be stolen from your garage. So, if you want to protect this area of your home, contact a security specialist who can installs garage doors with special lock system.

7) Pedestrian Gates

Remember that in the event of a break-in attempt, your first line of defense would be your gate. So, it is ideal that you call a professional to mount a pedestrian gate that is specifically designed to add security to your home.

8) Roller Shutters

Roller shutters can be used beyond commercial spaces and garage doors. As a homeowner, you can have roller shutters mounted to your windows to add a certain degree of protection to your house.

9) Good Amount of Lighting During the Night

Burglars like to commit crimes discreetly. Hence, they avoid houses with ample lighting. Make sure that the entrance of your home has enough light. It would be ideal if you can find infrared motion detectors that light up when someone comes close to your windows and doors.

10) Automatic Driveway Gates

If you want a safe alternative to manual gates, then opt for single hinged, double hinged or sliding automatic driveway gates. Thieves can intercept you and steal your car when you open your gate manually. When you have an automatic driveway gate, you can enter your property without getting out of your car. Only people with the access pin or the remote can open the gate.

Simple Reminders for a Secure Home

  • Remember to place valuable items like car keys, laptops, and cameras in secure areas. Do not leave them in places that can be seen through the window.
  • Do not forget to check whether you’ve locked the windows and doors before you leave the house.
  • Do not leave your spare keys under the flower pot or doormat. Burglars always assume that home owners leave them there.
  • Properly dispose of packaging of newly purchased appliances or gadgets. When burglars see that you’ve just purchased a new item, they will be motivated to break into your house.
  • Make sure that you use reinforced locks to secure your sheds. Doing so will allow you to protect the items inside your shed. At the same time, you are also preventing burglars from discovering items they can use for breaking into your home.
  • From time to time, check your gates and fences and ensure that they are in good condition.
  • If strangers unexpectedly visit your home, do not let them in until you’ve thoroughly reviewed and verified their identity as well as the purpose of their visit.

If you are still not certain what type of security item is ideal for your needs, then your best bet would be to contact a trusted security company. You will find a good number of security specialists who can install security screens, security doors, roller shutters, alarm systems and garage doors, among many others. The specialist will be able to come up with a security action plan for your home. Whether you live in a large estate, a suburban home or a studio-type apartment, there’s always an ideal security solution for you.

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