How A Phone Validator Can Help Your Cold Calling Business

How cool is cold calling? With the right approach, it can produce incredible results. Even though 80 percent of calls go to voicemail, more than 65% of clients accept a call from new salespeople.

Different methods of improving conversion with cold calling exist. But all of them are useless if you don’t have the right number. That’s where a phone validator comes in.

What Is A Phone Validator?

A phone validator is a program which helps you find out whether the number you are calling is valid.

The software checks the number’s format to ensure it is correct. Then it “pings” the number to see if it’s live and can receive calls and text messages.

Besides checking the number’s validity, the program also identifies the provider and GEO location.

When the phone validator is checking the number, the owner doesn’t get any messages or calls so you don’t have to worry about disturbing the client.

A phone validator is an integral tool for any marketing campaign. Without it, companies are bound to spend extra time and money on their marketing efforts.

Benefits of A Phone Validator For Cold Calling

According to experts at Byteplant, a phone validator can save a company thousands of dollars on bounced calls and unhappy clients. Here are several important benefits of using such a validator.

  • Maximizing revenue – by using valid numbers for cold calling, you can achieve your revenue goals faster than by checking the number validity manually.
  • Improving customer satisfaction – saving time on avoiding invalid numbers allows you to spend the extra minutes on improving the customer experience.
  • Boost business reputation – keeping away from calling invalid numbers can help you avoid unhappy call recipients thus maintaining an excellent reputation.
  • Sending text messages – a validator can help you identify the number type before sending a text message in order to avoid trying to send it to a landline.
  • Improving your database – by checking each number for validity, you can maintain a clean phone number database. Meanwhile, you can acquire such information as the carrier and GEO location.
  • Saving time – you can avoid calling invalid numbers and save time for other important matters.

As a big bonus, your company saves money. Each call to an invalid number can cost you a certain amount depending on the telecommunication provider.

How To Choose The Best Phone Validator For Your Business

Different phone validators exist on the market today. Some offer free options. Others set up reasonable fees. However, money is not the only factor you should pay attention to.

  • Database – the phone validator should have access to as many cable and telecommunication providers’ databases as possible in order not to reject a valid number.
  • Interface – a phone validator should be easy to use. It should only take a second to check a single number.
  • Bulk checks – a phone validator should have an ability to check large phone lists rather than just single numbers.
  • Availability – a phone validator should be available online for quick access and updates.

If the software offers all the above options, then the price should be the deciding factor.

Can You Work Without A Phone Validator?

More than 91 percent of companies have to deal with invalid information. A big part of that data is wrong phone numbers. If your marketing campaign involves cold calling, working without a phone validator could be complicated. Especially, if you have large calling lists.

The only way to check if the number is valid without using a phone validator is to make a call. By doing that, you could be wasting time and money.

Final Thoughts

A phone validator is a must-have program for any marketing campaign, which involves contacting clients via phone. Without it, the company spends unnecessary time, effort, and money on calling the wrong numbers.

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