How Can a Good Freight Forwarder Help You With Your Amazon Business

As a seller on Amazon, you should be very particular about your reputation, after all, this is what drives your business and attracts loyal customers. When you have the perfect product and even better customer services, don’t allow your reputation to be spoilt because you don’t have the right freight forwarder for your Amazon FBA business.

Did you know that most complaints about goods bought on the internet have something to do with goods arriving late or damaged? This is such a big issue that results in bad reputation and goods being refunded. Your freight forwarder partner is more important to you just like any other aspect of your business. They should be able to take care of all your logistical needs ranging from packaging, shipping, and getting goods cleared for customs in the U.S so you can concentrate on other important aspects of your business.

The internet is home to hundreds of Amazon freight forwarders and courier companies who are willing to help you with your logistical needs. But can you really trust all of them? What happens if you end up with an average freight forwarder?

The difference between a good freight forwarder and a bad freight forwarder is more simple than you imagine. A good freight forwarder goes beyond the contract to make sure your goods are delivered in perfect condition. It is not just a company, it is your business partner that extends as a right arm for your venture.

As you start selling more and more through Amazon FBA, you’ll start depending more and more on your Amazon freight forwarder. The key benefit of a good courier company is reliability. If they can deliver your products on time and in perfect condition, it becomes easier for you to win your customer’s trust.

Important things to look for in a freight forwarder company

Signing a deal with just about any freight forwarder company for Amazon FBA isn’t going to be enough. You’ll require them to go beyond their contract just as we have mentioned above. So before you find the perfect freight forwarder, look for these key factors in them.

Is affordability better? – when it comes to Amazon FBA freight forwarder, businessmen often believe the more affordable the service is, the better it is for them. This is a misconception you must not overlook.

Many freight forwarders try to lure in customers with discounted prices which change to regular prices after the first month. Make sure that you do not fall for the cheap price trap.

Hidden costs – freight forwarders often do not mention the hidden and added costs of shipping goods to another country. Make sure that when you sign a deal, ask about any other charges that may be applied after goods are shipped. You’ll be surprised how many companies don’t mention these charges until you receive an invoice from them.

Air or sea – this is important because when you want to send something fast to your customer, sea shipping doesn’t work. Make sure that if you want to deliver goods faster, your shipping partner is capable of sending packages through the air.

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